Best Umbrella Strollers for NYC, City Dwellers

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Best Umbrella Strollers for NYC

Life in the city is tough. It demands a lot from us and we definitely have to keep up with everything around us moving at such fast paces. If we fail to follow up with them, the consequences are just too great to ignore! I seriously can’t imagine how it must be like to live and try to survive in big cities; mentally, financially, the whole shebang! And when it comes to living in the biggest cities like the very famous Big Apple, New York City, well, let’s just say that you may have just decided to play the game of life on “Hard” mode.

In the fast-paced lifestyle of a city dweller, you definitely have to have the gear to survive. From the clothes you wear to the things that you own, and for us parents, this golden rule goes right down even to the umbrella strollers that we use!

New York City is a beautiful and amazing city to behold; it has pretty much everything a metropolitan haven could ever have; you can quite literally shop until you drop in their shopping districts, eat at the fanciest restaurants, have the ever so famous New York Style Cheesecakes as well as their pizzas which have been deemed by the public as a national guilty pleasure.

However, while all of this great and exciting, getting around the large city is the real challenge as there are tons of people who want to finish their tasks and errands around the city as well, and that definitely means it will be quite the struggle when everyone’s so busy rushing around. What more if you have a baby with you? That’s definitely what today’s list is all about: finding the best umbrella strollers for NYC! After all, if this stroller can survive NYC, then it can pretty much get through all the buzz in any city.

Overview of the Best Umbrella Strollers for NYC

Best Umbrella Strollers for NYC

Inglesina Trip Stroller
4.4 out of 5
Weighing 14.5 lbs
30 x 19.5 x 43 in
55lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
UppaBaby G-Lite
4.8 out of 5
Weighing 11.2 lbs
15.7 x 10.6 x 42 in
55lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Peg Perego Pliko Mini
4.3 out of 5
Weighing 13 lbs
33 x 19.2 x 39.7 in
45lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation

The Reviews

UppaBaby G-Lite

The G-Lite from UPPAbaby earns its own spot for the best umbrella strollers for NYC. But this is not only perfect to use for this city. In fact, it is one of the all-time best umbrella strollers because of its sleek, functional and, not to mention, lightweight design which goes straight to the point, even from just the name itself!

This simply crafted umbrella stroller boasts incredible user-friendliness as well as gives parents everywhere the chance to experience their hassle-free mechanisms, which save a lot of time and energy that you should actually be spending with your child! Whether the agenda for the day is short walks or having to buy your groceries, the UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller promises to have your stroller needs covered.

Although if it only has one weakness, I feel that they should improve its reclining feature. Before, the older G-lite models don’t even recline at all. So, giving it a zipper recline for its latest installment is sure a good start. You can, however, get the full-scale reclining version of this with UppaBaby G-Luxe.

What makes the G-Lite as popular as it is now is its lightweight build of 11.2 pounds. You can finally bid goodbye to sore arms and legs after spending some time with your child. While its easy-fold triggers are there to make setting this umbrella stroller aside a breeze! When collapsed or folded, this UPPAbaby innovation folds slim, making it fit into all the crooks and crannies in the house for your next adventure with Junior! Mom will surely love to use this, you won’t feel any sore arms or backs when having to carry this while you’re on public transits.

Maintenance is not neglected with the G-Lite as its seat is quite low maintenance because of the water and stain-resistant fabric. That also means less washing and more time to spend with your family!

Its canopy is also superb! It already looks pretty large, and more so when you use its extendable UPF50+ sunshade. It’s ready to keep your kid cool under the sun because we all know how sensitive a baby’s skin is. Add to that is its mesh sling seat which allows good airflow, so it doesn’t get too hot for your baby especially on extra hot days.

While a cup holder is there to store your drink or the baby’s formula! While its large basket is ready to keep you hands-free as you stroll. Indeed, the G-Lite deserves a spot in the ranks with its carefully thought-out design which is hard not to love!

The UPPAbaby has been around for many years now and continues to offer an exceptional experience for you and your baby. You can be well-assured that this stroller is well-worth it and you will also be happy with your purchase. This is a great package available for not more than $200 plus free shipping offer. So if you’re the type of parent who is always on the go, do yourself a favor and buy this one already. Make your travels through the busy streets and cities packed with people easier and hassle-free!

>>Click to view more details and testimonials on UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller<<

The Inglesina Trip Stroller

The best umbrella strollers that you could possibly get your hands on have to pay incredibly close detail to convenience and mobility. Of course, you want to get around the big city as easily as you can with an umbrella stroller that can handle all the twists and turns and all the dodging of the busy people rushing about their day. This is where the Inglesina Trip Umbrella Stroller comes in.

Described by the company as lightweight, sporty, and infinitely convenient, the Inglesina Trip is a fantastic choice and a great example of an umbrella stroller for city dwellers as it is built and ready to answer to your every need! This Inglesina umbrella stroller lives up to its name featuring ergonomic handles that are padded and soft to the touch and fits great in your hands for excellent maneuverability!

Storage and friendliness for travel are definitely not going to be an issue with the Trip umbrella stroller because of the innovative easy to use umbrella fold as well as a signature carry handle. When closed, the Trip locks automatically into a small and compact package that’s easy to carry around with its meager weight and easy to hold carry handle! It also weighs 14.5 pounds, including the canopy, so it is pretty light to carry.

Now with an improved canopy size, the hood of this umbrella stroller has been improved, it has a peek-a-boo window and can be well extended to assure more protection for your precious little one while you also have a surprisingly spacious storage basket at the bottom to put the baby’s things in, literally taking a load off of you when you’re out and about! It also has a cup holder which I find convenient as this allows me to put my cup of coffee or bottled water there and easily access it during my morning walks in the busy streets of NYC.

If this isn’t enough to get you excited for the Inglesina Trip Umbrella Stroller, there’s still a lot more features to keep you interested! It has a 5-point safety harness with a padded shoulder strap so your baby will be safe in place while still be comfortable. I know more umbrella strollers are now becoming equipped with the 5 point safety harness as well, but what I like with the Trip, it also has an additional padded bumper bar accessory for that extra safety feature you can’t easily find from other brands! It also has one of the best reclining features wherein the Trip’s nicely padded seat also reclines into four positions.

This is an interesting feature as this is the type of umbrella stroller that “grows” with your child and that means it fits with smaller children to even toddlers! This is all because of the easily adjustable backrest and footrest and can even hold a maximum weight of 55 pounds to accommodate your growing child! That’s definitely a great plus as it’s just so practical and so perfect for the city life! Trust me, the last thing you need is to buy yet another umbrella stroller just because your baby grew a few inches or gain a few pounds! In this economy, that would just be a sad expense that you have to deal with, but with the Inglesina Trip Umbrella Stroller, you will feel that life in the big city is a ton easier!

For roughly between $159-$199, depending on the design, this can be all yours and delivered straight to your door with its free shipping deal on Amazon. It has 7 designs and various color combination style to choose from. It’s easy to assemble so you can already use it with your kids to go out for a walk. No need to hassle and trouble yourself going to malls to shop for an umbrella stroller while carrying your child and heavy bags! It got a high satisfaction of 4.4 rating out of 5 stars as well. The Inglesina Trip stands true to its name, it will make your trips to the streets of NYC a breeze!

>>Click here to view more details and testimonials on Inglesina USA Trip Stroller<<

The Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller

At first glance, the Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Umbrella Stroller reminds one of the green turtles that the Super Mario Brothers jump on in the famous and iconic video game, but then again, that could just be the kid in me talking!

This Peg-Perego stroller is almost painfully adorable to look at. It comes in tons of different color variations and patterns to choose from. And with just by looking at the padded seats, you can already tell how comfortable it’s going to be for your baby when you take it for a stroll around the block.

When you live in a big city like New York, the umbrella stroller that you choose definitely has to be incredibly easy to handle as well as carry. That means you have to find an umbrella stroller that you can fold and unfold easily, and that is exactly what the Peg-Perego Pliko Mini does so incredibly well! Opening and setting up this umbrella stroller is mind-blowingly fast. By just a quick pull, your umbrella stroller is ready to roll in literally a second! With a multi-position seat recline mechanism and an adjustable footrest, your baby is sure to ride in all the style and comfort that he or she could ever ask for!

The Pliko Mini is also incredibly easy to maneuver. Even with just one hand pushing this umbrella stroller, getting around is just as easy for the modern NYC parent who’s always on the go!

When it comes to safety, the Pliko Mini is accident proof. Its reliable rear wheel brakes and front swivel lock make sure your baby is at a full stop when you need to just stay where you are to enjoy what’s happening around you or when you decide to take a break from your fun walk around the park! If you ever need a place to put your cup of coffee or bottle of water, the Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Umbrella Stroller has an adult cup holder just for you. While you can store all of the baby’s things in the spacious storage basket underneath the seat!

At the end of the day when it’s finally time to keep the Pliko Mini umbrella stroller, with just pull of the lever in the back of the seat, this cool Peg-Perego innovation folds up just as easily as it opens; within a second as well! This feature makes commuting around big cities like New York City an absolute breeze! It doesn’t matter if it’s time to ride the subway, the bus, the taxi, or even just going up the escalator in your favorite mall! With the Pliko Mini, going places will not make you feel lazy at all when the umbrella stroller you have is this good and this handy. And did I mention that this beauty of an umbrella stroller weighs in at only 13 pounds? Definitely check the Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Umbrella Stroller out! I promise you that you will not regret it!

Like the Inglesina Trip, you can also buy this with free shipping. However, the Peg Perego is more expensive, available at around $245. Nevertheless, this stroller is heavy-duty and will definitely last for several years. It’s worth the investment and concerned parents think so too, giving it an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars score!

>>Click to view more details and testimonials on Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller<<

The Round-Up

With the development of the umbrella strollers in the market, thanks to the geniuses in the countless baby gear brands that we’ve all come to know and love, there’s finally a wonderful and perfect umbrella stroller out there that is bound to suit our every need and want. There’s finally a ton of choices of umbrella strollers that go with the different and unique lifestyles that every family has!

When it comes to parents living in the Big Apple, the best umbrella strollers for NYC most definitely has to highlight mobility, maneuverability, weightlessness, and friendliness for traveling. Trust me, the last thing you would ever want to get stuck with is an expensive umbrella stroller that you can barely use since it’s heavy, hard to fold, and hard to push around! So you will eventually hate these strollers with a fiery passion because it can barely get you through the city. Indeed, the wrong choice can you make you so regretful like you would not believe! To give you more options to choose from, here’s a continuation of the list of the best ones.

Umbrella Strollers
User Rating
Baby Maximum Weight Recommendation
Baby Jogger Vue Stroller

31 x 19.8 x 42 in
check out-01
Uppababy G-luxe Stroller

45 x 12.3 x 12.2 in
check out-01
Maclaren Quest Stroller

30.7 x 18.3 x 42.1 in
check out-01
Summee 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

42 x 11 x 9.2 in

check out-01
First Years Jet Stroller

First Years Jet
19 x 30 x 39.5 in
check out-01

Mom’s Words of Advice

The best umbrella strollers for NYC is bound to be your best friend for life. You have to be sure to find one that isn’t too big because you definitely don’t want to run into people on the street while you’re going about your day. Furthermore, it has to be very easy to maneuver so you can get around those busy New York City corners without a hitch! The best umbrella stroller fit for a city dweller should definitely be made to move with precision and total ease. Which is why when you find that perfect umbrella stroller that can keep up with the modern parent who’s always on the go, never let go of it!


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