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What are the Benefits of Baby Strollers?

Most modern parents consider having a baby stroller as your family grows. It is the best way to handle a baby when he or she is growing up. A baby stroller helps to provide the best facility for the baby and makes it a lot easier to handle them. As a matter of fact, there are lots of benefits of baby strollers since they are easy to use, portable and more.

Choosing the best umbrella stroller will be your best move. You will have an extra help in managing your baby and makes situations more convenient. In fact, a stroller can even provide protection to your baby. Taking care of a baby is a continuous process and having all the help you can get improves you and your baby’s lives.

When you use a baby stroller, you will get many benefits. Today, we will give you short examples on the benefits of baby strollers.

6 Benefits of Baby Strollers

1. Convenient transportation

It is important to do the daily activities smoothly. However, it becomes hard if you also have a baby around. You need to look after the baby as well as do the daily activities. A baby stroller can give you the perfect solution.

The best baby strollers are easy to carry, fold and transport. Therefore, it offers the best way to care for your baby. You can spend quality time with your baby. You do not need to keep your baby at your home when you are outside. In fact, you can take the baby with you using the baby stroller. Moreover, you can fold the baby stroller into your car or any public vehicles. As a result, it ensures quality time due to its convenient use.

2. Greater Comfort and Ease of Use

The baby stroller is easy to use for any parents. You do not need any kind of training or skill in order to use the stroller for your baby.

In addition, your baby will get enough comfort on the stroller. In fact, most seats have padding on them and the quality of fabric used is top-standard in order to ensure comfort. The fabric is soft to touch and comfortable for your baby. As a result, you do not need to carry your baby every time when he or she grows up.

3. A long-Lasting Option

The baby stroller is one of the most durable baby care products in the market. You will get durable support from the baby stroller. Most of the baby strollers meet the safety standards and use the top quality materials.

As a result, they can provide you with long lasting service. You will also need to check on its frame for durability and stability. You can opt for double strollers to provide support for more than one kid. You do not need to buy another stroller when you have another baby.

4. Safety Features

The baby stroller comes with many advanced safety features for the baby. As a result, you do not need to worry about the safety of your baby. It is efficient and trouble-free baby product in taking care your baby.

The baby stroller’s wheels are easy to lock for stability. On the other hand, it will provide you a 5-point harness to keep your baby in place and prevent him or her from falling when the road is bumpy. Most of the modern baby strollers offer suspension in order to reduce the bump as well. Therefore, your baby will always have a smooth ride with you.

5. Harmful UV Ray Protection

The baby strollers offer a canopy for providing your baby a shield. For better protection, you can choose the best umbrella stroller with bigger canopy for your baby as well. On an extra sunny days, the canopy offers adjustable system in order to keep your baby’s eyes and sensitive skin out from harmful sun light. Plus, some of the fabrics used on the canopy are even water-resistant. As a result, you do not need to worry about the weather.

6. Storage capacity

There is also a storage system in a baby stroller. You will not need to carry all the bags for your baby’s essentials. You can use the stroller to store your baby things or hang some of your bags in the stroller’s handles. However, you should not put too much heavy items especially on a lightweight designed stroller for safety measures.

You can check out the infographic below for more benefits of baby strollers.

Benefits of Strollers

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These are the benefits of baby strollers you will get when you use it with your little one. It is a worthy investment for your baby, especially if you choose the right type of strollers for your needs. You can even go for running or jogging with your baby as long as you have the right one  with you like the jogging strollers!

When you’ve decided on what type of strollers to get, make sure to only buy high quality ones to get your money’s worth. Now it’s time to learn what makes up the best strollers in the market next!

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This is a guest post by Lisa D. Richards, who also happens to be a mom blogger like me! You can read all her blogs and views at Stroller list.

Top 10 Baby Items List When Traveling with Your Little One


Parenthood is an incredible, almost impossible, challenge and the difficulty is most felt with newborns. You’re awake most of the time because you just never know when the baby is going to need something and your attention is basically radiating on the baby. After all, in this incredibly fragile stage and his or her life, you can’t afford to make any mistakes or give it any less of the care that it truly needs.

Now, we’ve established just how hard it is to take care of a baby, but can you even imagine the challenge of travelling with one? Unlike being just at home, your things aren’t going to be lying around for you to use when needed. You can’t just stand up and get whatever you need whenever you need it like you would in your own home. There’s definitely a certain level of preparedness that you have to have to be able to travel with your baby and have as less trouble as possible. However, it will be a great challenge knowing what to bring and what not to bring. Which items are essential, and which are not? Not only do you have to worry about what to pack for yourself, you also have to remember the stuff your precious little one needs! Unfortunately for a lot us, we aren’t exactly blessed with the ability to think fast and deliberate what we need and what we can leave behind for our baby when we travel like some super parents out there, which is why I’ve prepared this quick list showing the Top 10 must-have baby items to bring when traveling with your baby starting with the basics and we’ll work our way up to the more baby savvy gear!

The Top 10 Baby Items List

1. Milk Formulas, Water, and Baby Bottles

top-baby-essentials-list-milk-formula-bottleCertainly the most basic and one of the most important, we can never ever EVER forget to bring these three holy grails of early parenthood! After all, how can the baby have all the nutrition and not to mention, hydration, that he or she needs if you forget to bring the milk formulas and water along with the baby bottles to put them in? We can’t have our baby hungry while traveling!

Make sure to bring extra empty bottles since we can’t reuse baby bottle to feed our child for hygienic purposes. Bring both hot and warm water with you as well. You’ll need the hot water to mix the milk powder then add some warm water so the milk will not be too hot for the baby to drink. After your baby finishes his or her milk bottle, let them drink another warm or room temperature water to wash off the milk. It’s not a good habit to leave the milk on their mouths and let them  fall asleep after just drinking milk, it will leave them with bad breath when they wake up.

2. Diapers

top-baby-essentials-list-diaperAnother basic necessity to bring would be diapers. I think it goes without saying that babies are lean, mean, pooping machines, which is why we have to have good stock of diapers always ready to replace the one that currently holds all of your baby’s dirty business. So never forget to include diapers on your top baby items list when traveling with baby! In a lot of ways, they’re like ammo in the war; once you run out of it, you’re in for a world of trouble. Well, stinky trouble.

3. Extra Clothing

top-baby-essentials-list-clothingWe definitely can’t have our precious ones walking around in the clothes they wore on the day you left for the entire trip, or worse, in just diapers! Not only is it unhygienic but I can’t imagine the level of filth and bodily fluids that happen to your baby’s clothes in just a day! On a hot sunny day, our little ones can get extra sweaty, especially the energetic ones.  And since some of our kids are still too young to be totally potty trained, at times there can also be some leak accidents when the diaper gets unnoticeably full. It’s a must to change their clothes on those situations to keep them clean, hygienic and protected from getting sick. We definitely have to remember to pack few extra pieces of shirts and shorts or pants, because who doesn’t love a clean, dry, adorable and healthy baby?

4. Towels & Blankets

top-baby-essentails-list-blanketThere is absolutely nothing worse than a sick baby. When our little ones are under the weather, it’s definitely like we share in the pain of our children; almost to the point that our hearts are being wrenched right out of us! Indeed, there’s nothing more painful than seeing your child sick. A good way of lessening this possibility is to keep your baby from getting cold and dirty at all times! Other than packing good clothes, you should make it a point to bring blankets along with you on your travels. They can wipe the sweat off your child, drools and sauces off their faces when they eat messily. Just remember: if the baby’s healthy, you’re happy!

5. Wipes and Tissues

top-baby-essentials-list-tissue-and-wipesSince we’re outside, we don’t have quick access to soap and water where we can just easily wash off the dirt from our active kids. And let’s face it, when we’re outside, our kids love to run and roll around the park and/or playgrounds. They become too exposed to many elements and bacteria. Soils can get to their feet that you’ll be surprised to see them suddenly all dirtied. Just changing their clothes are no longer enough, so it’s good to pack some wet wipes along to remove those dark grimes off their skin.

These definitely go hand in hand with bringing diapers and extra clothing. Changing your baby’s outfit and diapers are only half the battle in keeping your baby clean and safe from bacterial infection! After all, your baby isn’t truly clean until you get all the snot, poop, all that stuff out of the way before making the change of clothes or diapers! Not only will your baby be refreshed and clean, but he or she will also be safer from any kind of trouble caused by dirt and bacteria! With these, your baby will be squeaky clean and ready to take on any adventure!

6. Breast Pump and Thermal Bags

top-baby-essentials-list-breast-pumpFor all the breastfeeding moms out there, this is definitely a must-have in any baby bag, preferably one that can also run on batteries so it’s portable and will work without needing to plug it in. There are times that us, moms, feel our breasts hurting which is an indication that our breasts are becoming full of milk. When that happens, we need to pump the milk out, but during those time, it’s no guarantee that our baby will want to drink milk. So this is the time when having a handy dandy breast pump comes in. You can pre-store the milk in the bottles with this nifty little gadget so you don’t have to waste milk and can just bring the baby’s milk on the trip, making life easier for you and the baby! In the case when we have to pump the milk out while we’re traveling, you can store the milk on a plastic made for storing breast milk then place them on thermal bags with some ice included to keep the breast milk cool and preserved.

Remember, breast milk can get spoiled easily when not stored in a cool place immediately. So when you’re still lactating, it’s definitely important to have this in your bag because you never know when you need to pump the milk out. Your breast will hurt if you don’t pump the milk out; and without the thermal bag, it will be a waste if you just dispose the milk or let the milk spoil. After all, breast milk is best for babies!

7. Hat or Cap

top-baby-essentials-list-hatsI think I can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of keeping your baby warm and comfortable especially with our unpredictable weather nowadays! We really have to realize that there will be times when comfy warm clothes and thick blankets aren’t going to do the trick. You need to bring a hat or a cap to protect the heads of the little one. Not only will he or she look cute as a button, but he or she will definitely be warm from head to toe! The elements and weather can be really unforgiving so it definitely pays to be prepared! But if in case you did left them at home, you can use blankets as an alternative to cover the head of your child.

8. Umbrella Stroller

top-baby-essentials-list-umbrellastrollerKeep yourself flexible when you’re out by investing in a good umbrella stroller packed with convenient features. Not only is your baby going to be comfortable as he or she interacts with the outside world, but you also get to enjoy your time together because of the hassle free experience you get with a good umbrella stroller! Most designs these days are incredibly convenient. They can be folded, have compartments for your things as well as the baby’s, and have cup holders if in case you decide to bring some coffee or tea with you on a walk around the block!

Some important tips to remember when purchasing an umbrella stroller is that the baby’s seat should have a lot of reclining options. Not all umbrella strollers can be used with infants, though you can check the prescribed age to use the stroller and most of the time, find one that can fully recline. He or she should be able to both take comfortable naps and viewing angles for when it’s time to see the environment. Next, the handles shouldn’t be too high or too low for you. Remember, you’re going to be pushing this the entire time so it’s definitely much better to look for one that can be easily adjusted to a preferred setting. Lastly, find one with lots and lots of compartments. Save your shoulders the stress and invest in an umbrella stroller that can carry the weight for you! Certainly, a good umbrella stroller can make good memories with your baby into great ones that you’ll never forget.

9. Infant Car Seat

top-baby-essentials-list-car-seatWhen it’s time to put the baby in the car, we definitely can’t bring him or her in while in the stroller and we can’t just strap them into the car seat either. This is where the infant car seat comes in! With this, you can just lock the infant car seat safely into the backseat of your car where your precious little one can just sit snug and safe in the back. Now, these car seats can be a bit heavy, so the recommended thing to do is to find an umbrella stroller that has an adaptable seat which can easily be detached and strapped to a car seat as well as strapped into the stroller itself. Best example would be the Graco Breaze Click Connect Umbrella Stroller. By doing this, you save a lot of money by not having to buy a separate car seat since it’s a two-for-one kind of deal with the adaptable seat!

10. Lightweight Plastic Feeding Set With Utensils

top-baby-essentials-list-feeding-setAfter hours of playing and seeing the world, the baby is definitely going to have to eat eventually. When milk is not enough and it is finally snack time, you’re surely going to need the lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils in your baby travel kit for these situations for the very simple reason that you need something to put his or her food in, of course! But aside from that, bringing lightweight plastic feeding sets will totally come in handy when eating in restaurants. Our babies can get a tad curious with their surroundings that they would like to touch everything they see and near them. And when you’re not careful enough, they might accidentally knock those glasses and plates off the table; so we don’t really want to end up paying for those!

These usually come in a variety of cute colors but I prefer the powder blue ones because I think they’re extra adorable, but in all seriousness, when choosing a lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils, it definitely pays to invest in a good set from a respectable brand since you can’t take the risk of using low quality plastic feeding sets for your precious little one! Better safe than sorry should be an important mantra to every parent! We definitely can’t have our baby putting what could potentially be highly toxic in his or her mouth. Since these are quite lightweight, as the name suggests, it’s going to be no problem to bring in your baby bag and you definitely won’t be sorry that you brought it with you.


It’s always amazing to experience new things with your child, but it’s definitely a lot better when you are comfortable and happy in the process! The 10 top baby items list when traveling with baby should hopefully be a great help for your travel plans in the future when you bring your adorable baby with you! This list definitely applies to any sort of travelling; it could be a big family trip that you’ve been planning for months now, and it could also be just a quick trip to the nearby park, mall or just the supermarket! Bringing these 10 baby essential items with you assures a hassle-free trip that guarantees you less stress and more fun with your baby!

When preparing your baby kit, you still have to consider a lot of factors, too. When choosing the items to buy to complete your kit, you have to consider your personal comfort as well! Does it fit well in your hand? Is it easy to control? Is it lightweight and portable? Having the necessary tools and gadgets is only half the battle, after all. You also have to be able to use the things with the fullest of your abilities without tiring yourself out too much! This includes your choice in buying baby bags. It doesn’t exactly mean that the since the baby bag has tons of compartments that it’s the right one for you. You have to be able to carry it easily and seamlessly, and it also has to be durable!

Lastly, when shopping around for the best baby gear, remember to have fun! Preparing the baby’s things doesn’t have to be boring at all! Just think of all the fun you and your child are about to have so just take everything a step at a time and you can’t go wrong! The best part is that you’ll be secure in the knowledge that both you and the baby are totally prepared for a day filled with fun, love, and sunshine! Hope you found my top 10 baby items list when traveling with your baby helpful!

Here’s a cool infographic that you can save to serve as your daily checklist and easily remind you the must-have items when traveling with baby!

Top-Baby-Items-List-to-Bring-When-Traveling-InfographicFor a more quick run down of the things you will need to bring when traveling with your baby, Babycenter also has a helpful list! How about you, what’s one thing you should never ever forget to bring when traveling with your little one?! Sound us off in the comments!

10 Best Gift Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day

Best Ideas to Celebrate Fathers Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner so the gift shopping pressure is so on for people like you and me who have to scour every single mall for the perfect gift to give Dad. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always found dads to be harder to shop for as they tend to live more simply. You’d think that because of this that it would be easier to actually buy gifts for Father’s Day since dads aren’t usually the picky type, but it’s actually more challenging than buying a present for your friends or anyone else! Of course, I can’t really say that this is going to be the case for all dads. After all, not all dads like and appreciate the same things, so before you hit the town in search of that perfect gift, it will definitely help to ask yourself these two simple questions.

First, does my dad need anything in particular that he hasn’t gotten around to getting himself? Sometimes, there are things that my dad talks about getting but never really gets it because he felt it wasn’t completely necessary or he had a hard time finding it. This would be the easiest basis for a gift because you would just have to find that specific thing.

Another question you could consider is: Will my dad be able to use my gift? Will he remember it for years to come? Definitely, our gifts can never be just empty gestures. They have to mean something. You should make the effort to find a gift that makes your dad a bit happy inside whenever he sees it.

There are so very many choices out there that would make good gifts for this special day but what would make a good gift great? What’s going to separate it from all the meaningless presents? This is why I’ve made a list of 10 best gift ideas to celebrate Father’s Day and I tried my best to consider the different types of Dads there are!

Ideas to Celebrate and Give on Father’s Day!

A Fancy Necktie

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-NecktieThis is no doubt the most classic Father’s Day gift in history. Rather, it is the most classic gift one could ever give to his or her dad, and for good reason! This gift is more suited to fathers that wear business suits a lot for work or dads that prefer to live more simply than others. For the business savvy father, he will always have a nifty little tie handpicked by his child with a lot of love and he’ll always remember it every time he wears it. The simple dad, on the other hand, may not wear it as often, but on the fancy and big occasions; from weddings to graduations, he’ll be able to wear them on the most important events of his family’s life.

When choosing a necktie, opt for a classically wide tie instead of the skinny ones, unless your dad is the trendy type. As for design, it depends on your dad’s personality. To be on the safe side, find a tie with a beautiful intricate pattern in a classic color such as maroon, silver, and blue, instead of wacky ties with prints of rockets and doughnuts, but if you’re father’s more of a goofball, then it might be okay to go for more cartoony details.

A Shiny New Watch

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-WatchThis gift can be given to any kind of dad; from the practical father to the ones who just love to buy themselves nice things. The best thing about getting your dad a watch is that it can be worn every single day because it’s a nifty little gadget that rests right on your arms – useful and stylish!

There are different styles of watches to consider and it definitely does not mean that just because a watch is a safe gift that you can just go ahead and pick the first one you see! For the old-fashioned dad, you should opt for a classic leather strap with gold hardware for a timeless piece he can wear over and over. For the father who’s sporty and always on the go, a sports watch would go perfectly. Most of these are incredibly durable and even waterproof so your dad will definitely love wearing it all the time. Lastly, for the dads that don’t seem to run out of business meetings, you can get him a shiny all-metal watch that will go perfectly with his business suits and corporate attire. It would be better if you choose a watch that has both gold and silver accents on it so he can really wear it with anything. Giving your dad a shiny new watch is definitely a great way to remind him that you’re always going to be with him!

 A Well-made Shirt

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-ShirtDefinitely one of my favorite go-to gifts for just about anyone I know, buying a shirt made in great quality would make a good gift because your dad can definitely wear it all the time – depending on the design that you choose for him. Other than being able to expand your dad’s wardrobe, it is also a bit of a challenge on your part to test yourself about how well you really know your dad and his personal taste.

I usually opt for simple colors and patterns that tend to complement my dad’s body type. You can never go wrong with plain shirts in neutral colors such as dark blue, black, grey, and white, but for patterns, you should definitely get shirts that are designed with really fine prints and patterns as they go with any body type. Avoid shirts with large checkered prints!

You must also consider the quality in which the shirt is made. Are the buttons flimsy? Is the fabric durable and easy to breathe in? Will it fit my dad well? Certainly, getting a well-made shirt will cost you more than any random tee we see in stores, but you have to think of it this way: great quality lasts and every single time your dad will wear your shirt, he’ll remember it as a gift you carefully thought out just for him and I’m pretty sure it will make him quite happy every time he wears it.

An additional tip: if your family is planning on doing something for Father’s Day like an intimate family dinner or weekend trip, you might want to consider giving it to him a day early so he can wear it on his special day!

A Remade Photo

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-PhotoThis one has been going around the internet quite a lot lately as it is quite funny and very sentimental at the same time. People nowadays like to do a remake of old photos they took during their childhood – usually their baby pictures! If you have the type of family that is quite fond of taking pictures everywhere, you might want to dig up a photo of you at the beach with the family or a baby photo of dad holding you as a baby and try to remake it. From the clothes to the setting, you can plan a whole family day just to recreate that moment and you can surprise your dad with your idea.

Once you take the photo with your dad, have it developed and framed, and you can give the final output to your dad, and it will make both a funny and incredibly sentimental gift for your dad!

Organize A “Dad’s Day” Outing

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-OutingI think we can all relate when I say that our parents’ interests are usually quite different to that of ours. Some dads like to collect coins and stamps and the like, some are fitness junkies how can’t seem to tear themselves away from the gym, while some like to chill by the nearest fishing spot and whittle away at the time. Sometimes, we don’t understand why our dads like the stuff that they like and this definitely goes both ways in a parent-child relationship, so why not make the effort to understand your dad better on a great day like Father’s Day?

Again, you can surprise your dad with a full day of doing just what he wants to do and nothing else. Go to his favorite restaurant, go fishing, grill those steaks; just do what he likes doing. Involve yourself in his hobbies and interests, and afterwards you feel a lot closer to your dad because you will understand him a lot better than ever. To add on that note, you could also get him his tools that he uses and likes a lot!

Cook For Your Dad

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-CookoutIn all of your life, your dad has tried his best to put bread and meat on the table every single day; he’s taken care of you in almost every way possible, so why not return the favor? A great way to show your dad how much you appreciate him is by pouring your heart and soul to making his favorite dishes and organizing an intimate family dinner. If you have siblings, ask them to help as well! Not only will you have fun in the process, but you also become closer as a family. You can also have your mom help you or perhaps send her and your dad out to someplace where they can stay for a while and be surprised by an amazing meal prepared with so much love by their kids when they get home!

Revisit Your Dad’s Childhood

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-OutingYour dad was once a kid like you and you can celebrate his special day by reliving his glory days. Surprise him on Father’s Day and drive him to his favorite spots when he was a kid: perhaps the restaurant that his family used to go to or his favorite park. You can give him a nostalgic trip down memory lane and celebrate the road he took in his life which ultimately led him to becoming the great father that you have come to know and love.

You can ask your mom to help you out with the details. You can even recreate your parents’ first date! This gift is definitely much more challenging than most of the others I’ve suggested but it will definitely make your dad happy because you took quite an interest in his life and you took the time to organize the blast from the past for Dad.

Travel With Your Dad

Best-Umbrella-Strollers-TravelTake him out to have an adventure with family. You can go to a beautiful local resort or to a whole other exotic country that your dad’s always dreamed of going to! Of course, if your dad’s work schedule does not permit such a thing, then maybe you can organize one for a later time. In this case, you can take your dad out to lunch and then surprise him with the news of travelling in the future! This gives him something to be excited about and he will surely appreciate the grand gesture from his kids.

However, if your dad can travel right away, you can surprise him with your bags all fully packed and ready to go and hand him his plane or boat ticket right on the spot. He’ll be so surprised but so happy and it will be a fantastic moment for your entire family!

Surprise him with a New Grill in the HouseBest-Umbrella-Stroller-Grill

With father’s day just around the corner, summer has also kicked in! Summer is simply the grilling season so what best time to get your husband or dad a new grill but on father’s day!

We all know how every man likes to grill. And buying him a new grill will definitely put him in real surprise. And remember how long you’ve been asking your man to cook for you? Well, this just might do the trick! He’ll be so excited with his new grill that he will be happy to cook a barbecue or steak for you without even asking him to do so. Your family will also get to enjoy countless cookouts all throughout the summer. The only downside to this is probably gaining a few pounds from eating too much grilled foods. But nah, I really enjoy eating good food and would love all the time I get to spend with my family.

If you don’t know a lot about grills, the best place to start is to check Weber products as they are one of the best and trusted brands when it comes to grills. A simple Weber Charcoal Grill is enough to get your dad excited over his new grill and still not break the bank for you.

A Personal Grooming Session


Why not treat your dad to a nice haircut. Consider bringing him to a slightly fancier salon this time instead of his regular barber shop and he just might enjoy the extra pampering! Sometimes, those salons provide other services like head and shoulder massages aside from simple haircuts, now that would up the game.

But if time is really hectic and you can’t get him to those grooming shops, you may consider getting him a personal grooming tool such as shavers, facial creams and etc. Out of all the tools, I’d recommend you to get him an electric shaver, a Philips brand perhaps, so it will last longer and he will get to use it for a long time. And if you happen to not like his idea of growing his beard for too long, this may also help convince him that it’s time to shave them all off. Well, even if he still doesn’t shave them all off, the shaver is still handy for him to maintain the way he wants his beard to look.

Shopping for a Father’s Day gift is definitely no cakewalk but I honestly enjoy shopping for gifts as they’re a testament to how well I know the person I’m giving the gift to! An important tip to remember when giving your dad a gift is to consider including a card with a heartfelt message as well as a quick explanation as to why you gave him his gift especially if it’s more of a symbolic present. This will definitely help avoid any sort of misunderstanding between the two of you and he’ll be able to appreciate your well thought out present all the more! Also, you should never forget to have fun in the process – include your siblings in getting a gift!

How about you, what will you do with your dad to celebrate the extra special day? Let us know in the comments. Hope you enjoyed reading my personal 10 best gift ideas to celebrate Father’s Day!


How to Show Your Love to Your Mom | A Mother’s Day Special

how to show your love to your mom

Becoming a mom made me realize one thing, it’s a never ending job! When I was young, I always thought that celebrating Mother’s day is not necessary for I will always show my love for her even when it’s not the special occasion. Which is true, by the way, but the extra appreciation and affection you can receive from this day made me feel that my role is special and even more incredible.

Giving birth is a painful act every mom needs to go through just to see us, deliver us safely and let us see the beauty of the world. From an innocent baby, our moms would raise us even if they are clueless themselves and learning on the way. Every night, our cries kept her awake but never did she turn her back from us, she has always been there to console us. She would buy all sorts of baby things for our needs, hold us tight to keep us warm, feed us to keep us from being hungry, stay close with us in places new to us, and teach us until we grow old enough to live on our own. But even when the day comes of moving out and getting our own place, they’d never stop worrying over us.

It’s not everyday that we remember to let them know how much we love them and show them we appreciate them. So on this special time, it is a great opportunity to take some of our time to do just that.

We’ve taken our moms for granted too much that sometimes we need to reassure her that we love and appreciate her. There are simple ways on how to show your love to your mom.

3 Best Simple Acts on How to Show Your Love to Your Mom

1. Giving “affections” to show they’re remembered.

Let’s face it, us ladies like to receive some “love” and moms are not an exception. For the boys, treat your mom how treat and courted your lady! It’s a nice gesture to give your mom a simple thoughts such as giving chocolates and flowers. It doesn’t even need to be expensive. A simple thank you or I love you cards, poured with all your thoughts and love, are enough to put tears on your mom’s eyes.

2. Spend your time with her.

As we grow old, we tend to have our own little world that we live in. We have our jobs, we find a partner and eventually live on our own. We sometimes become busy that we forget to let your mom knows how you’re doing and check on her as well. But in all those times, not a single moment did a mom forgets her child. So this is a great time to take some of the time off to go home and spend some time with her, update on each other. You can dine out or have a simple family get together on your parents’ home. This is a great time to take a break from our busy lives and do some catch-ups.

3. Say it, don’t just show it.

Even if you are unable to do the first two, the most important thing to do is tell your mom how much you love her. Sure, you may casually say “love you, mom” when leaving the house or ending the phone call with her. But this time, make sure you mean it and let her know how she has done a great job in raising you. So prepare a tissue on the side, a simple yet really meaningful I love you will put a tear on both of her and your eyes.

These are just simple ways that you’re probably already aware on how to show your love to your mom. But sometimes, you just need to be reminded to take action, so this is your reminder!

On my own, I managed to do all these three in one day. And I’m sure you can too! My mom invested so much time and hard work to raise me. And even up to this point that I also have my own family to care for, she never stops worrying over me and still see me as her little star. I’d probably be the same with my own angel as well. But there’s one thing I promised myself, that when my mom grows old and weak, she’ll be like my baby and I’ll take care of her as much as how she looks over me and just like a how a mom takes care of her child.