Disney Umbrella Strollers, Where the Magic Begins

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Who says that adorable baby of yours can’t ride out in the park in impeccable style? Certainly, no one ever! We all know how important it is to have a great stroller that is really convenient for parents to use as well as having to be super comfy and safe for your precious baby, but it definitely does not hurt if you also set your sights out on a stroller that looks absolutely adorable to make your baby all the more cuter. With the right stroller, people from all over won’t just be cooing all over your baby but also at your adorable little stroller!

Disney used to be incredibly famous for their lovely animated fairy tales; from Pinocchio, Cinderella, to Sleeping Beauty! Now, they’ve branched out, and they’ve certainly made quite the name for themselves. What used to be a cartoon and fairy tale brand is now just so much more! Disney’s cartoon characters have become historical icons that almost everyone in the world has come to know and love, and you can’t really say you blame them! Disney has always been able to come up with adorable characters that have easily become a cherished childhood favorite that has withstood the test of time.

Overview on the Best Disney Umbrella Strollers

Now, we can see Disney’s branding almost everywhere and we’ve seen them team up with even the biggest fashion houses around such as global brands like Uniqlo and Giordano, and designer companies such as Stella McCartney and Oscar dela Renta which is just so amazing! This is exactly why it comes as no surprise that Disney has thrown their hat into the ring of beautiful and useful umbrella strollers that is sure to catch the eyes of your little kids! But let me just put it there and be upfront, if you’re really looking for quality that will last for years, Disney umbrella strollers aren’t exactly that, except for travel system strollers which is a different story. We did find one before but it’s not as widely available today. Anyways, if you’re a die-hard Disney fans and looking for inexpensive ones, then this will work out for you!

First Years Ignite, Minnie
4.7 out of 5
Weighing 14 lbs
18.5 x 39.8 x 34.5 in
50 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Disney Umbrella Stroller, I Heart Minnie
4.0 out of 5
Weighing 9.0 lbs
29 x 15.3 x 36 in
40lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation

The Reviews

The First Years Ignite Stroller In Disney Minnie

Ignite-MinnieOne of the most classic and well-loved family favorite from First Years has always been the Ignite being the best umbrella strollers from last year up to the year 2014. The Ignite has garnered a lot of good press because of the numerous features it has that makes travelling around with your baby a lot more fun and a lot more comfortable! But after the First Years Ignite strollers got discontinued by the manufacturer, so is their Disney version. If you’re lucky enough, you might still catch a few glimpse of this with limited stocks from retailers. If you do so, you should consider getting one before they totally run out and here’s why I got to love it.

In a nutshell, the First Years Ignite Umbrella Stroller has a strong frame which can support a child for up to 50 pounds. It’s quite lightweight which makes carrying it incredibly easy. It’s 14 pound weight won’t make you throw your back out. The taller handles are angled in such a way that fits great in your hands for that lovely ergonomic fit! The 5 point harness keeps your baby safe and secure, and there’s a large parent console and lower storage basket that keeps you from losing your stuff as well as a really roomy compartment for bigger bags such as the baby’s things!

What makes this lovely lightweight umbrella stroller even better and all the more cuter was when First Years released the Ignite line with a new pattern they decided to name, Disney Minnie! This pretty Disney themed umbrella stroller boasts a beautifully made fabric with a cute Minnie Mouse themed pattern. It’s a great umbrella stroller that has every bit of First Years Ignite umbrella stroller but in a cuter, nicer, and more stylish package!

The design itself does not scream Disney which is what makes the design so classy and understated. I love that First Years has decided on a pattern that is neutral and can actually work with people who are not very familiar with Disney, which in my opinion, isn’t really possible! The minimalistic plain red background with a diagonally arranged polka dot pattern is iconic enough to remind almost anyone about the ever famous Minnie Mouse of Disney!

You and your kids will love this beau, and will surely make other parents’ heads turn and complement this chic stroller. It’s priced around $150, a little higher than its usual Ignite models but you get the prestige of using a Disney designed stroller for your kids to adore! With already over thousands of review, it sure did well and still got a high score of 4.7 out of 5 ratings among parents. That’s why I highly suggest you take a look on this as this stroller is well-trusted and passed the tests and standards of every parents with flying colors!

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Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, I Heart Mickey

When the time comes that you feel your baby isn’t cute enough, which let’s face it, is never, the Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, flies to your rescue! It’s your basic umbrella stroller made all the more adorable with an adorable Disney design! It also has a Minnie alternative design for this model.

Even though Disney has their trademark characters everywhere with their noticeably numerous collaborations with other style brands as well as designer fashion houses, Disney has their own original line as well. Aptly self-titled, the Disney line of basic umbrella strollers boasts a set of very essential features that a normal well-rounded umbrella stroller has.

This umbrella stroller has, of course, an amply sized canopy which is ready to protect your baby from the sun and any other elements which could mean harm. The classic easy scissor style fold is surely not unfamiliar to any parent. It’s basic and very easy to handle which makes for a very hassle-free way of storing your stroller. The fixed handles are easy to hold and work really for parents of different heights. The 3 point harness will keep your baby secure and ready to roll! And with only 9 pounds of weight, you can carry this ANYWHERE without a sweat. It’s so light, you can easily carry this in and out of your car trunk and even when you are in public transits.

In the end, this is just a basic but sturdy thing. With all the basic needs and use of an umbrella strollers covered, this Disney stroller is very affordable for just about $40 during the time of this writing. But given its thin frame, I recommend you to only use this when your baby have enough support and can sit on their own which is likely around the age of 6 months and above; and can only hold up to 40 pounds of weight. With 4.0 out of 5 stars, kids can’t get enough of Disney characters and parents just love seeing how happy their children look.

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The Round-Up

We grew up knowing Disney with all their fairy tales, and I’m pretty sure our kids will also adore them as much as we still do. These Disney Umbrella Strollers offer a nice and refreshing change from all the plain and shabby looking umbrella strollers in the market today. The lovely graphic character designs will sure be a great conversation piece with parents you might run into at the park or at the supermarket. It also makes for a cute addition to your umbrella stroller! With these designs of the iconic Disney characters, your kids are sure to stroll in style with their adorably designed stroller while you walk in comfort and make the most out of your quality time with your babies!

Mom’s Words of Advice:

Just remember, even though you want that absolutely cute design or pattern or style for your precious little baby’s umbrella stroller, you also have quite a lot of things to consider! Your umbrella stroller should also be packed with a bunch of features that will prove to be incredibly useful for you and will also be safe for your little one. Honestly, there are only few Disney-designed strollers that have loads of features worth buying, I would suggest you to also check the best cheap umbrella strollers. Although they may not have the Disney print on them, they are close to these price category. While most Disney themed strollers produced in the market can be quite flimsy, I put up this list for kids who really want a Disney design on their things and for you to find one that is really worthwhile.

With that said, here are just a few more Disney Umbrella Strollers that I find as charming as the ones above.

Umbrella Strollers
User Rating
Baby Maximum Weight Recommendation
Disney Baby Umbrella Stroller- Fly Away Minnie
41 x 7 x 3 in
check out-01
Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, Mickey Stripes

29 x 15.3 x 36 in
check out-01
Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, Cars

40 x 6.3 x 6.1 in
check out-01


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