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Top 10 Baby Items List When Traveling with Your Little One


Parenthood is an incredible, almost impossible, challenge and the difficulty is most felt with newborns. You’re awake most of the time because you just never know when the baby is going to need something and your attention is basically radiating on the baby. After all, in this incredibly fragile stage and his or her life, you can’t afford to make any mistakes or give it any less of the care that it truly needs.

Now, we’ve established just how hard it is to take care of a baby, but can you even imagine the challenge of travelling with one? Unlike being just at home, your things aren’t going to be lying around for you to use when needed. You can’t just stand up and get whatever you need whenever you need it like you would in your own home. There’s definitely a certain level of preparedness that you have to have to be able to travel with your baby and have as less trouble as possible. However, it will be a great challenge knowing what to bring and what not to bring. Which items are essential, and which are not? Not only do you have to worry about what to pack for yourself, you also have to remember the stuff your precious little one needs! Unfortunately for a lot us, we aren’t exactly blessed with the ability to think fast and deliberate what we need and what we can leave behind for our baby when we travel like some super parents out there, which is why I’ve prepared this quick list showing the Top 10 must-have baby items to bring when traveling with your baby starting with the basics and we’ll work our way up to the more baby savvy gear!

The Top 10 Baby Items List

1. Milk Formulas, Water, and Baby Bottles

top-baby-essentials-list-milk-formula-bottleCertainly the most basic and one of the most important, we can never ever EVER forget to bring these three holy grails of early parenthood! After all, how can the baby have all the nutrition and not to mention, hydration, that he or she needs if you forget to bring the milk formulas and water along with the baby bottles to put them in? We can’t have our baby hungry while traveling!

Make sure to bring extra empty bottles since we can’t reuse baby bottle to feed our child for hygienic purposes. Bring both hot and warm water with you as well. You’ll need the hot water to mix the milk powder then add some warm water so the milk will not be too hot for the baby to drink. After your baby finishes his or her milk bottle, let them drink another warm or room temperature water to wash off the milk. It’s not a good habit to leave the milk on their mouths and let them  fall asleep after just drinking milk, it will leave them with bad breath when they wake up.

2. Diapers

top-baby-essentials-list-diaperAnother basic necessity to bring would be diapers. I think it goes without saying that babies are lean, mean, pooping machines, which is why we have to have good stock of diapers always ready to replace the one that currently holds all of your baby’s dirty business. So never forget to include diapers on your top baby items list when traveling with baby! In a lot of ways, they’re like ammo in the war; once you run out of it, you’re in for a world of trouble. Well, stinky trouble.

3. Extra Clothing

top-baby-essentials-list-clothingWe definitely can’t have our precious ones walking around in the clothes they wore on the day you left for the entire trip, or worse, in just diapers! Not only is it unhygienic but I can’t imagine the level of filth and bodily fluids that happen to your baby’s clothes in just a day! On a hot sunny day, our little ones can get extra sweaty, especially the energetic ones.  And since some of our kids are still too young to be totally potty trained, at times there can also be some leak accidents when the diaper gets unnoticeably full. It’s a must to change their clothes on those situations to keep them clean, hygienic and protected from getting sick. We definitely have to remember to pack few extra pieces of shirts and shorts or pants, because who doesn’t love a clean, dry, adorable and healthy baby?

4. Towels & Blankets

top-baby-essentails-list-blanketThere is absolutely nothing worse than a sick baby. When our little ones are under the weather, it’s definitely like we share in the pain of our children; almost to the point that our hearts are being wrenched right out of us! Indeed, there’s nothing more painful than seeing your child sick. A good way of lessening this possibility is to keep your baby from getting cold and dirty at all times! Other than packing good clothes, you should make it a point to bring blankets along with you on your travels. They can wipe the sweat off your child, drools and sauces off their faces when they eat messily. Just remember: if the baby’s healthy, you’re happy!

5. Wipes and Tissues

top-baby-essentials-list-tissue-and-wipesSince we’re outside, we don’t have quick access to soap and water where we can just easily wash off the dirt from our active kids. And let’s face it, when we’re outside, our kids love to run and roll around the park and/or playgrounds. They become too exposed to many elements and bacteria. Soils can get to their feet that you’ll be surprised to see them suddenly all dirtied. Just changing their clothes are no longer enough, so it’s good to pack some wet wipes along to remove those dark grimes off their skin.

These definitely go hand in hand with bringing diapers and extra clothing. Changing your baby’s outfit and diapers are only half the battle in keeping your baby clean and safe from bacterial infection! After all, your baby isn’t truly clean until you get all the snot, poop, all that stuff out of the way before making the change of clothes or diapers! Not only will your baby be refreshed and clean, but he or she will also be safer from any kind of trouble caused by dirt and bacteria! With these, your baby will be squeaky clean and ready to take on any adventure!

6. Breast Pump and Thermal Bags

top-baby-essentials-list-breast-pumpFor all the breastfeeding moms out there, this is definitely a must-have in any baby bag, preferably one that can also run on batteries so it’s portable and will work without needing to plug it in. There are times that us, moms, feel our breasts hurting which is an indication that our breasts are becoming full of milk. When that happens, we need to pump the milk out, but during those time, it’s no guarantee that our baby will want to drink milk. So this is the time when having a handy dandy breast pump comes in. You can pre-store the milk in the bottles with this nifty little gadget so you don’t have to waste milk and can just bring the baby’s milk on the trip, making life easier for you and the baby! In the case when we have to pump the milk out while we’re traveling, you can store the milk on a plastic made for storing breast milk then place them on thermal bags with some ice included to keep the breast milk cool and preserved.

Remember, breast milk can get spoiled easily when not stored in a cool place immediately. So when you’re still lactating, it’s definitely important to have this in your bag because you never know when you need to pump the milk out. Your breast will hurt if you don’t pump the milk out; and without the thermal bag, it will be a waste if you just dispose the milk or let the milk spoil. After all, breast milk is best for babies!

7. Hat or Cap

top-baby-essentials-list-hatsI think I can’t put enough emphasis on the importance of keeping your baby warm and comfortable especially with our unpredictable weather nowadays! We really have to realize that there will be times when comfy warm clothes and thick blankets aren’t going to do the trick. You need to bring a hat or a cap to protect the heads of the little one. Not only will he or she look cute as a button, but he or she will definitely be warm from head to toe! The elements and weather can be really unforgiving so it definitely pays to be prepared! But if in case you did left them at home, you can use blankets as an alternative to cover the head of your child.

8. Umbrella Stroller

top-baby-essentials-list-umbrellastrollerKeep yourself flexible when you’re out by investing in a good umbrella stroller packed with convenient features. Not only is your baby going to be comfortable as he or she interacts with the outside world, but you also get to enjoy your time together because of the hassle free experience you get with a good umbrella stroller! Most designs these days are incredibly convenient. They can be folded, have compartments for your things as well as the baby’s, and have cup holders if in case you decide to bring some coffee or tea with you on a walk around the block!

Some important tips to remember when purchasing an umbrella stroller is that the baby’s seat should have a lot of reclining options. Not all umbrella strollers can be used with infants, though you can check the prescribed age to use the stroller and most of the time, find one that can fully recline. He or she should be able to both take comfortable naps and viewing angles for when it’s time to see the environment. Next, the handles shouldn’t be too high or too low for you. Remember, you’re going to be pushing this the entire time so it’s definitely much better to look for one that can be easily adjusted to a preferred setting. Lastly, find one with lots and lots of compartments. Save your shoulders the stress and invest in an umbrella stroller that can carry the weight for you! Certainly, a good umbrella stroller can make good memories with your baby into great ones that you’ll never forget.

9. Infant Car Seat

top-baby-essentials-list-car-seatWhen it’s time to put the baby in the car, we definitely can’t bring him or her in while in the stroller and we can’t just strap them into the car seat either. This is where the infant car seat comes in! With this, you can just lock the infant car seat safely into the backseat of your car where your precious little one can just sit snug and safe in the back. Now, these car seats can be a bit heavy, so the recommended thing to do is to find an umbrella stroller that has an adaptable seat which can easily be detached and strapped to a car seat as well as strapped into the stroller itself. Best example would be the Graco Breaze Click Connect Umbrella Stroller. By doing this, you save a lot of money by not having to buy a separate car seat since it’s a two-for-one kind of deal with the adaptable seat!

10. Lightweight Plastic Feeding Set With Utensils

top-baby-essentials-list-feeding-setAfter hours of playing and seeing the world, the baby is definitely going to have to eat eventually. When milk is not enough and it is finally snack time, you’re surely going to need the lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils in your baby travel kit for these situations for the very simple reason that you need something to put his or her food in, of course! But aside from that, bringing lightweight plastic feeding sets will totally come in handy when eating in restaurants. Our babies can get a tad curious with their surroundings that they would like to touch everything they see and near them. And when you’re not careful enough, they might accidentally knock those glasses and plates off the table; so we don’t really want to end up paying for those!

These usually come in a variety of cute colors but I prefer the powder blue ones because I think they’re extra adorable, but in all seriousness, when choosing a lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils, it definitely pays to invest in a good set from a respectable brand since you can’t take the risk of using low quality plastic feeding sets for your precious little one! Better safe than sorry should be an important mantra to every parent! We definitely can’t have our baby putting what could potentially be highly toxic in his or her mouth. Since these are quite lightweight, as the name suggests, it’s going to be no problem to bring in your baby bag and you definitely won’t be sorry that you brought it with you.


It’s always amazing to experience new things with your child, but it’s definitely a lot better when you are comfortable and happy in the process! The 10 top baby items list when traveling with baby should hopefully be a great help for your travel plans in the future when you bring your adorable baby with you! This list definitely applies to any sort of travelling; it could be a big family trip that you’ve been planning for months now, and it could also be just a quick trip to the nearby park, mall or just the supermarket! Bringing these 10 baby essential items with you assures a hassle-free trip that guarantees you less stress and more fun with your baby!

When preparing your baby kit, you still have to consider a lot of factors, too. When choosing the items to buy to complete your kit, you have to consider your personal comfort as well! Does it fit well in your hand? Is it easy to control? Is it lightweight and portable? Having the necessary tools and gadgets is only half the battle, after all. You also have to be able to use the things with the fullest of your abilities without tiring yourself out too much! This includes your choice in buying baby bags. It doesn’t exactly mean that the since the baby bag has tons of compartments that it’s the right one for you. You have to be able to carry it easily and seamlessly, and it also has to be durable!

Lastly, when shopping around for the best baby gear, remember to have fun! Preparing the baby’s things doesn’t have to be boring at all! Just think of all the fun you and your child are about to have so just take everything a step at a time and you can’t go wrong! The best part is that you’ll be secure in the knowledge that both you and the baby are totally prepared for a day filled with fun, love, and sunshine! Hope you found my top 10 baby items list when traveling with your baby helpful!

Here’s a cool infographic that you can save to serve as your daily checklist and easily remind you the must-have items when traveling with baby!

Top-Baby-Items-List-to-Bring-When-Traveling-InfographicFor a more quick run down of the things you will need to bring when traveling with your baby, Babycenter also has a helpful list! How about you, what’s one thing you should never ever forget to bring when traveling with your little one?! Sound us off in the comments!