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Best Umbrella Strollers 2016: Loving the Old & the New You Can’t Miss

best umbrella strollers 2016

Continuing with our tradition since 2014 then in 2015, I have yet again returned to bring you my picks for BEST UMBRELLA STROLLERS 2016! Since there are indeed lots of new stroller models that comes out every year, not all of them are good choices so I want to help parents like you find the right stroller for you and your baby’s needs and make this an annual love affair. Just like you, I am a parent who will never compromise on the comfort and safety of my little ones; yet making sure it’s still within my budget and worth the price.

Based on quality, comfort and value for money, six strollers made it to my list this year. I had sorted them according to their price range and useful features. So without further ado, let’s get to the point and see what we have this time!

Quick Look on Best Umbrella Strollers 2016

Baby Trend Rocket
4.2 out of 5
Weighing 12.5 lbs
29.5 x 40.6 x 18.3 in
50lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Summer Infant 3D One
4.4 out of 5
Weighing 15 lbs
18 x 27 x 43 in
50 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Inglesina USA Trip
4.1 out of 5
Weighing 14.5 lbs
30 x 19.5 x 43 in
55lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Maclaren XLR
4.5 out of 5
Weighing 16.3 lbs
45 x 12.6 x 13.2 in
55lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Uppababy G-Link
3.8 out of 5
Weighing 24.5 lbs
29 x 30 x 42 in
50lbs/seat Maximum Weight Recommendation
Maclaren Volo
4.0 out of 5
Weighing 9.7 lbs
18.9 x 41 x 37.8 in
55lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation

Baby Trend Rocket: for the Low price range

The first time I got a glimpse on the Baby Trend Rocket had reminded me so much of the First Years Ignite that were so popular before, it was also the first umbrella stroller I bought for my kid. Seeing how reminiscent it is with the Ignite we loved so much, it was easy to fall for this one as well. I won’t even be surprised if it is just as successful. It also sports an all black design for a classic and sleek look.

The Baby Trend Rocket stroller is the best buy for moms and dads who are on a tight budget. Having used other stroller brands for my two children, I can say that this stroller is among the top picks in the market for its price range. This trusty Baby Trend Rocket stroller can survive months and even years of rough handling and will be useful for your everyday errands. I have tried other light weight strollers in the past and they tend to bend and break after some time. This stroller was compact and sturdy enough for our daily outdoor activities.

I really appreciate that it didn’t compromise on the necessities and got all the useful basics  and few extras covered such as a canopy, comfort grip handle, 5 point harness, bottom basket for storage, and parent organizer that can hold a cup/water bottle, snacks and keys. Additionally, the organizer has a zippered compartment for keeping other valuables safe. It’s nice to have this compartment especially considering its price since most of the time, the parent organizers are separate from the strollers that it will cost you extra just to have it.

Being a safety-conscious mother, I’m impressed that this stroller has a foot-activated dual-rear parking brake feature to ensure that the stroller will be in place when we stop on our tracks or need to let go of the strollers while loading the groceries inside the car. The brakes and wheels are reliable to ensure our kids are safe and prevent unnecessary accidents. Also, this is has good maneuverability so it’s easy to push and steer.

The Baby Trend Rocket is easy to fold/unfold. It is also still lightweight at 13 lbs., I can fold and carry it on one hand. Assembling the unit is easy, first time moms can even put this together with the help of your man. Impress them that you can also handle the tools, lol! The height of this stroller is sufficient for me, I am 5’4” by the way. I don’t have to worry on having a sore back from hunching over to push this thing for a whole day trip. But I think the height of the handle bars will take a little getting used to for taller users.

If you’re looking for a stroller that has a lot of reclining capabilities though, this may Localizationbecome a bit of a deal breaker for you. The seat is designed on one position without much recline so it’s only suitable for infants who can already sit on their own. Nevertheless, even my four-year-old can still fit comfortably in the stroller. Another thing that can be improved upon is the canopy. There might not be much coverage for your kid when the sun is at its peak. But if these aren’t big issues to you, I’d still recommend this stroller considering its sturdiness, lightness, other features and its affordability.

The Baby Trend Rocket has an attractive price of not more than 50 bucks that also offered with free shipping and returns from Amazon. So far, the parents who have also bought this find great satisfaction and gave it a rating of 4.5 stars out 5. In the end, this is the best umbrella strollers 2016 for its class. This is a no frills stroller but will do the needed job for you for a great value on money!

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Top Choices in Quality Mid-Price Strollers

Two stroller models caught my attention for our middle-priced category this time. Each has their own merits and may seem better than the other. But both are tried and tested to be useful, hence, I decided to recommend both of them.

Summer Infant 3D One

Continuing on the success of the well-loved 3D Lite stroller line last 2015, Summer Infant 3D One was released recently this 2016. I can see that Summer Infant has retained all the well-loved features of 3D Lite while tweaking some on its body and added improved features, making the 3D One model an even better choice this year. As compared to the 3D Lite, Summer Infant 3D One has a larger canopy, a peek-a-boo window and sturdier body and wheels, while maintaining a weight that is still light to carry. Add to that the full recline feature that Summer Infant has incorporated to it this time and we are sold!

I really appreciate the smooth ride and its maneuverability, features usually found in a full size stroller. Combined with its lightweight frame at thirteen pounds of aluminum, Summer Infant 3D One is the most convenient, compact and durable stroller at the mid-priced range.

This unit has three different recline positions, including a full-recline which makes it truly convenient for your little one to sleep anytime. Its reclining capabilities are well-paired with its adjustable foot rest, making this an even sweeter deal! The 3D One is surely to stick around for quite a while as it almost feels like it’s growing along with your baby since you can adjust its footrest as your baby grows taller. The seat also doesn’t feel cramp so you got your kid a lot of space for growing.

I also love that it includes a small pocket for necessities, a cup holder for drinks, and a roomy storage basket at the bottom. I found the stroller highly maneuverable through tight spaces, very comfortable with ergonomically oriented handles, and very easy to fold up and throw in the trunk, with one hand of course. There’s also a shoulder strap to help you carry it around when it’s folded easier. That’s a bonus and a nice attention to detail this time.

As I said earlier, the canopy is huge! The competition for the top umbrella strollers with big canopies just become stiffer. Its canopy includes a hidden extension which does a great job blocking the sun and rain, providing better protection against UV and UVB rays, while also having a peek-a-boo window so I can keep an eye on my little kid. It is convenient that I can see him at any angle, since with other stroller models, I keep on leaning sideways just to check on how he’s doing or if he is awake. A parent can never be too cautious and I like that five-point harness was strong and easy to buckle and open, but is still be complicated enough for my 18 month old to unbuckle himself. The harness is also padded by the way, for added comfort to our active kids.

The only downside I can think of for this unit is it’s price. It’s slightly more expensive than the 3D Lite, but if you want the best for your kid by providing a more comfortable stroller with larger canopy that can cover your baby at full recline with adjustable footrest, this is totally worth the extra cost. So overall, I think this is still an excellent pick. Normally, it’s around $130, but you can avail this for as low as hundred bucks in Amazon with free shipping and returns as always. It’s still new but shows a lot of promising that it received a 4.5 stars out of 5 rating. This has superb features for a mid-priced stroller that proves to be a smart buy in its class, which makes it THE ONE for you! get it?

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Inglesina Trip Stroller

Next on my list is the Inglesina Trip. The Inglesina Trip line has been around since 2013,  but it has been constantly improved year by year. And true enough, it can still solidly hold its ground against newer models in terms of functionality and its fair price. In fact, there are other costlier brands in the market that are not as complete and as comfortable as this; yet the Trip is affordable enough and still looks fancy.

The Inglesina Trip stroller is durable and perfectly made for the outdoors, hence the name “Trip”. But it’s there just for a name because with the past strollers Inglesina had produced, which I’ve also used, they had proven that even with a year share of rough handling and rough roads from them, it still in admirable form and works without a hitch. And this one is no different! Its design is also commendable, you’d surely get compliments from other parents for its beauty.

At 14.5 lbs., the Inglesina Trip is mid-weight as there are others that are really lighter than this. But as the weight is compromised, it delivered more features for your convenience and comfort of your child. It now looks and feels more heavy-duty but is compact enough and putting it together is really quick and effortless. Plus, I don’t think its weight will be  an issue. It may not be very light, but it’s also way not too heavy to carry or put it in or out of your car’s trunk. It also has a handle by the way so you won’t have to worry where to hold it when picking it up when folded. You should also stay away from strollers that are really light but becomes way too flimsy that it might easily topple over even with your kid sitting on it.

The Trip can be folded and unfolded with just one hand but may take some getting used to. With the instruction manual provided, I was able to assemble it in a few minutes. The wheels and suspension absorbs the usual impact, which means the ride will be much less bumpy. Even if your sweet one’s a light sleeper, he or she will hardly notice any type of unanticipated impact when strolling at coarse grounds. The wheels are bigger than the average which means its outdoor performance is much superior. Some parents have noticed that the wheel would occasionally squeak, which can be a bit annoying, but you’ll get used to it over time. What’s important is that the wheels won’t be jammed during stroll, runs nicely and you can maneuver it with one hand like the Inglesina Trip.

Its four-position backrest can be reclined completely. Although, you have to use both hands and you probably can’t adjust its recline while your baby sits on it. Better to adjust it to the position you want first before you put your baby inside for precautionary measures. I appreciate its snug seat and adjustable footrest. The seat is also spacious that even my 3 year old can still fit inside. So if you have 2 toddlers, your older one might still plead to take turns with his/her younger sibling to rest on the stroller, you  will have to think of another excuse since you won’t be able to use the “you’re too big for the stroller” line on them.

The built-in canopy is large enough and adjustable, with a cute peek-a-boo details that will let you check on how your kid is doing. The canopy provides enough coverage under the sun and is water-proof enough for light rain showers. I love how this model comes with a massive amount of storage space this time, truly useful during outdoor day trips. The top inner storage permits small items which can include drinking bottles, snacks, wallet, cell phone and keys. The bottom mesh area is able to stash a bunch such as diaper bags, grocery items, food containers and everything else.

Aside from the stroller’s make and function, it has the 5 point harness system which has always been on my check list when it comes to safety. And not only did the Inglesina Trip has this safety feature, it takes up the notch by also putting a bumper bar. For a safety-conscious parent like me, this is definitely a nice add-on. This will help keep your active babies in place and will allow them to hold on to something or rest their hands during the long walks. Seat straps are adjustable and affix effortlessly. With that said, the Inglesina Trip has different recline positions, adjustable footrest and adjustable seat straps; these mean that the Trip will be yours to keep even as your baby aged. This stroller can adjust to how much your kid can grow, and hopefully it can stick around until you and your child won’t need one.

Put next to most other costly strollers, this stroller is indeed a good takeaway and can hold its ground among the best umbrella strollers 2016. It actually costs around $200 but you can get a huge discount over Amazon and get it at not more than $150. Thus, this is truly a good buy considering its price yet has the luxury feel to it!

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Maclaren XLR: for the high-end price range

Moving on to the high-end prams, Maclaren XLR is the hands-down number one choice of parents. Just by the brand itself, every moms and dads already know that Maclaren holds the luxury crown, much like how Apple is the king in smart phones. Although Maclaren also has middle priced range of strollers, Maclaren Techno XLR is said to be the crème de la crème in all of their series and what every parent has longed to have (if it just weren’t for the price). And as I tell you more about it, you can finally see why this unit has a gained a lot of following.

It looks great and moves easily; feels sturdy and heavy duty. I definitely recommend it to new parents who want to invest on a reliable pushchair that will last for a long time; this one won’t easily break. It might even last for a decade, well I’m probably pushing it too far, but definitely with proper care, this could be just the umbrella stroller you’ll need to have until your baby grows old enough not to need one!

This amazing product has the right components needed to safely and securely hold your little angel. With a weight of 17.4 pounds, this is not the lightest among the whole bunch on this list. But because of the extra heft in the XLR, comes the extra features you can’t normally find from low to average umbrella strollers. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy so no questions needed when it comes to durability. It can withstand wear and tear for many years. The XLR can hold a maximum weight of your child of up to 55 pounds. The extra strength and wider seat can sit even the biggest toddlers comfortably.

The fabric is easy to clean and dry, since it’s removable by the way so can take it off to put it on the washers. The quilted fabric wears its classy and signature look so from afar, you can easily tell it’s a Maclaren. There’s plenty of head room even for a six year old.

This unit also has the safety features to keep my three-year old escape artist tied and secure. It is not just a 5-point harness but also a padded one, a nice touch to it. The heavy-duty buckle is no cheap piece of plastic; it is a serious piece of work that won’t break or wear out over time. The buckle is proven child-proof! To release the straps you must press on both the outside and inside of the circular buckle, and you have to press quite firmly. I have yet to find another brand that offers this attention to a child’s safety.

For additional protection in the evenings or early morning walks, it has reflective accents on the sides of the hood so that drivers can see the pushchair more easily in the dark. You won’t lose it in the dark as well. The all-wheel suspension helps absorb some of those bumps along your way. The brakes are linked so that stepping on one pedal will engage the brakes over both rear wheels, you just have to lift up the lever to disengage. All these makes the Maclaren Techno XLR the safest stroller model that I had encountered so far.

Maclaren Techno XLR enhanced all the stroller features that we always loved on other brands.  I like how its canopy is much better than the other Maclaren’s since it’s bigger and more multi-functional. Its UPF+50 hood has a clear sun visor tucked in the underside that you can easily pop out for extra protection against harmful UV rays. The XLR also includes a wind resistant rain cover, so you’re little cutie is not only covered during sunny days but also covered during the rainy season.

Then at the back, you can unzip an additional panel bringing the canopy even farther down for complete sun blockage. Keeping an eye on your little passenger with the clear viewing window at the top of the canopy is a breeze. The Maclaren Techno XLR also comes with an additional quilted seat liner and a cushioned head hugger support for an infant. In fact, you can use this with newborns since it can also recline to full flat.

As with other strollers, this model has a few downsides. Some petite mothers remarked that the handles on this stroller came up to their chest which is a bit high for their liking. However for some, this sounds like a good news especially for tall parents. The height of the handles are adjustable which is more reason for tall moms and dads to get this so they can say goodbye to sore backs and enjoy a day trip with their kids.

The Maclaren Techno XLR  claims to have an oversized basket underneath the seat, which is truly large enough to carry your baby essentials and few extras such as your groceries. Once the seat is fully reclined though, it becomes slightly harder to reach for your items at the bottom. Good thing that it has a zipper on the side of the basket to help ease access. But if all of your things can’t fit the basket in the end, more storage can be found on the back of the canopy which is a mesh pocket and a pocket with a Velcro closure. Just the right size for some keys and a cell phone.

All in all, the price of a Maclaren Techno XLR can be hefty at around 450$ but its features and durability that can withstand time make it all worth it. To make this even awesome, head over to Amazon and you might get a chance of buying this at a discounted price of not more than $345 with free shipping and returns. With just a few clicks and this will be delivered straight to your doorstep. It’s a sweet deal that you shouldn’t miss. In the end, even if it may seem pricey right now, in the long run, the Techno XLR will stick around and be of use until all of our children have outgrown it. It’s an investment that will bring value to your purchase, hands-down the best umbrella strollers 2016!

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Uppababy G-Link Stroller: best twin umbrella stroller

Uppababy came out strong in the market and has been one of the most well-loved and known brands for pushchairs. Their Uppababy G-luxe was a huge success and continues to awe more parents. And now, this model is available for two in one! Confused? Don’t be, because the greatness of the G-Luxe is now available as twin strollers in the form of the Uppababy G-link! The new G-Link came out late 2015 and is now making a buzz this year as it got features that checks on all the right places. In a nutshell, this model is very similar to the popular G-Luxe 2015, designed as if 2 G-Luxe strollers were stuck side-by-side.

The G-Link was made for two but its weight is still surprisingly light. The whole thing weighs just about 24.5 pounds! Although I’ve encountered several double umbrella strollers that are close to G-Link’s weight. I have yet to see a lighter twin stroller that is as feature-packed and as sturdy as the G-Link, thus made this pretty impressive. In terms of appearance, you will find 3 most prominent colors which are black, gray and jade. As much as I’m a fan of black for its classy look; for this one though, I’m going with the Jade for its reminiscent look of the G-Luxe which is also a signature look from the Uppababy. Having an Uppababy pushchairs is something we, parents, can be proud of; so it’s nice to have it recognized quickly from afar.

The seats are multi-position and can be fully reclined, and it has two head inserts to support infant twin’s small heads. For a newborn you can lift up the leg rest and use attached snap-on mesh located underneath the leg rest to provide more enclosed environment. So what’s good with it is we can use this for a longer period since it’s capable to be used even with newborns while others should only be used for 6 months of age or babies that sit up straight on their own. I see it also has a very useful feature that will keep the baby’s blanket in place. At the same time, it has a very deep one-hand recline for a newborn and adjustable leg rest. While it does NOT have a travel system option, the seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs per each seat.

This stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame, enhancing effortless maneuverability either indoors or outdoors. UPPAbaby G-Link Stroller has been designed lightly having four sets of wheels as compared to traditional twin strollers that have six wheels. Also, its 5.75-inch wheels offer not only greater performance but also greater stability. This makes it an awesome and one of the best double umbrella stroller in its class as this one is durable and does not require a lot of energy to push around. Having two kids around the outdoors would drain you so fast that it’s a great life-saver to have any way we can to conserve our energy!

UPPAbaby G-Link Stroller might be made for two but it can be folded just as easily as a single stroller do. It has been designed in a way that makes it very easy to fold and in within a very short time without the need of foot action. Once it is folded it is nearly as wide as a single stroller, it can even stand on its own without the need of supporting. I’m loving those kinds since it helps keep the stroller from getting dirtied easily; thus adds protection to our baby from  contacting germs when sitting on it. Once it is folded you can store it in tight spaces as well.

Since steering can get heavy if you have two on tow, stopping abruptly still comes easy with its single action brake. Once you brake, this stroller has lockable front wheels to offer better stability when it stops, so you should not have to worry when you leave your kids on it.

Uppababy G-Link has the best features that you will really need ranging from its impressive, easy to open removable canopy with a view window, lightweight design, and adjustable footrests to quick and simple fold with stands that support it when folded. Its canopy is generously-sized with peekaboo windows for each chair with SPF 50+ sunshades that block out harmful sun rays. It can also accommodate tall toddlers since the seat is very roomy with a canopy height of 26 inch. G-link is approximately 30 inch wide so it should fit through most doorways and even tight grocery aisles without a hitch. Surprisingly, the seat width didn’t suffer so both of kids have enough space.

Another thing that I love about the G-Link is its 5-point harness. Each seat comes with an adjustable non-padded 5-point harness with a center release buckle. The buckles are tried and tested as “child-proof”. Even with your baby fiddling with it, it will not plop open so it’s secure enough to take off some worries from an anxious parent like you and me.

The G-link has two handle bars that are located at each sides. While they are not adjustable, I think this is a good average height that should work for most parents. The handle bars are ergonomically positioned and are covered with soft foam. The G-link has combined two baskets together to make one big basket. This is very handy for us since bigger storage means more convenience for us! We don’t have to carry heavy items as we can just put diaper packs, baby essentials and groceries there!

The features G-Link offers are undeniably attractive and useful for us parents, but there’s one thing that chases quite a handful of parents away as well – and that is its hefty price tag. Costing between 499$ to $530, the UPPAbaby G-Link Stroller doesn’t come cheap. It’s almost as good as if we’re buying 2 G-Luxe, but with the convenience of handling one stroller that can accommodate our 2 kids. But to be fair, there are other twin strollers in the market that are also close to the same price range. While there are also others that cost lesser, they lack in the functions department. Thus, G-link has its own merits for its price. Getting the G-Link means paying for more of what it can do while also paying a bit of premium for its brand that ensures quality and safety.

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If you want something similar to G-link’s performance but for a cheaper price, you may want to consider the Maclaren Twin Triumph, which you can read my review for it here. But if you’re really on a tight budget, with not more than hundred bucks, the Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller might be the best option for you!

Maclaren Volo: lightest choice

Maclaren is on the roll! Not only did we have 2 Maclaren’s on the list, but a Maclaren also snatched the top spot for the best lightweight umbrella stroller last year with their Maclaren Mark II. This year, they made a revamp on Maclaren Volo, making this the best choice for lightest pushchair in the market for 2016.

Whenever parents are looking for the lightest and most durable stroller, the Maclaren brand stands out. Lightweight, compact and easily maneuverable, the Volo continues the tradition and proves itself as the lightest in its class at 9.7 pounds. Make no mistake, as with its mere weight, the Maclaren Volo can still hold a child up to 55 pounds! That tells a lot considering as most lightweight strollers tend to be flimsy and can usually just hold up to 40 to 45 pounds. But the Volo is different and most definitely better.

Some parents want only the basics and there is something beautiful about simple functionality. Couple that with the fact that there is no sacrifice in quality or comfort when it comes to a Maclaren Volo umbrella stroller. Similar to its bigger brothers, Volo also has a sun canopy with SPF 50 and a flip-out visor for extra protection. The seat is made of mesh fabric to keep the air flowing and well-circulate behind baby’s back and bottom. This will be great during the extra sunny days. But for the cold season, you will need to put thicker clothes on your baby if you’re going to use this. Nevertheless, you don’t really have to worry a lot when the rain pours since this unit also comes with a wind-resistant rain cover and a water-resistant hood.

It also comes with five-point safety harness that secures baby to the seat. The handles are not adjustable but are ergonomic to grip, has high tenacity and are in the right height. It’s not too low nor too high for our average height. You also still get the handy-dandy basket underneath to put a couple of small necessities in! The Volo is made of high- tech aircraft grade aluminum chassis to ensure better durability and longevity, while maintaining light weight. And since it’s made of quality materials, it doesn’t get knocked over easily compared to other flimsy ones. And this will not be a Maclaren if it also does not comes with an easily-removable, machine washable seat for easy cleaning – a rare feature in the buggy industry. You can machine wash it in cold water on a delicate cycle then hang to dry.

To achieve its intended mobility, some features have to be sacrificed. The Volo is a basic umbrella stroller so the lack of full recline is no surprise. Hence, it is only recommended to use for children who can sit on their own, or at least at six months of age. Although the seat has a fixed inclination, it is still comfortable enough to sit on and for short naps. Its other noticeable drawbacks are smaller storage and canopy when compared to the others of its price category. On the bright side, having smaller built means it’s more compact  and doesn’t take up too much space. This makes it great for storing and using it on public transports.

I recommend the Maclaren Volo for parents with kids on their toddler age. It is ideal to have lightweight pushchairs as our babies become heavier. So it balances the weight and becomes not too hard on us parents having to push a heavy stroller. However, we can’t put our trust on flimsy lightweight strollers as they easily topple over. This will further expose our children to higher risks of accidents or injuries. Hence, this is where the Volo comes into picture and resolves this situation. Your almost $150 bucks will be a better investment and will go a long way. Not to mention, its parts can also be easily replaced, prolonging its longevity. The Maclaren Volo will serve all the basic stroller functions while saving a lot of cargo weight and space.

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If you want something similar but weighs even lesser than this, you may also want to consider the Maclaren Mark II. It’s competitive when it comes to weight but may costs you about 10 bucks more.

The Round-up

There are lots of stroller brands out there so it pays to be informed. It’s good to have the newest model. But sometimes, just because it’s new, doesn’t always mean it’s the best of all time. There are still a handful of pushchairs that don’t go out of style even after several years had passed. And that’s what we want to invest in!

I will never compromise my child’s comfort and safety for a few dollars saved on a sub-par pram. I will always choose one with great features at a competitive price, and from a reputable brand. If you are unsure on what to choose, think of you and your baby’s needs first then consider your budget. This will help narrow down your choices. When you’ve set your eyes on a few, you can do more research. Read what others have to say, or even try asking your smart kid (if they’re old enough to speak) what they want. Little tots can be the best stroller critique out there. Ask for their opinion and you might be surprised! If you also chance upon an item you like at a discounted rate, grab it before it disappeared.

Do you have more new strollers you happen to like this 2016? Drop us a comment and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!