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Best Umbrella Stroller under 50 Makes Affordable and Nifty Solution

best umbrella stroller under 50 dollars

Becoming a parent and starting a family require lots of stuff and essentials. With so many things you need to buy and continuous increase of market prices, you can’t help but wonder how much can you still afford with your money!? Well for one thing, I know your 50 bucks can still go a long way! In fact, you can still afford to buy the best umbrella stroller under 50 dollars.

Buying low-range products are always a bit tricky especially in today’s market. You’re at that phase where buying excellent products at a very low price feels too good to be true. You run the risk of purchasing a cheap item masquerading as a mid to high-range product usually because it looks pretty or is a complete imitation of its expensive counterpart.

However, I don’t think we should easily disregard cheaply priced items, especially if we have limited budget. After all, not all cheap means low quality but buying a high value item at a low price. In addition, I personally believe that there are still hidden gems to be found in the low-priced segment, we just have to be meticulous in scrutinizing these products. So when you make the right choice, then you’ve got yourself a product that performs exceptionally at a very great deal! Now that deserves a pat on the back!

Today’s review is hopefully going to help you find these gems, and boy will you be happy to know it’s only going to cost you 50 bucks! So, I present to you the best umbrella strollers under $50.

Overview of the Best Umbrella Strollers under $50

J is for Jeep North Star Stroller
4.3 out of 5
Weighing 10 lbs
18.1 x 31.5 x 42 in
40 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller
4.0 out of 5
Weighing 12.5 lbs
29.5 x 40.6 x 18.3 in
50lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller
4.1 out of 5
Weighing 11 lbs
41.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 in
40 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation

The Reviews

Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller has reminiscent features of First Years Ignite, which was a popular hit back in 2014. With such resemblance, the Baby Trend Rocket Stroller already looks promising. Nevertheless, the Baby Trend proves to be a worthy choice on its own for it’s truly a well-featured stroller for the price. It is, after all, one of the leading strollers when it comes to affordability with a punch!

It’s light both in weight and to your wallet. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller lives up to its “lightweight” name, since it only weighs 12.5 pounds. This makes it a lot easier for moms to move it around either indoor or during outdoor walks. And yet, it can hold a big weight of up to 50 pounds, which is pretty awesome by the way given its price point and lightweight quality. Despite its inexpensive price tag, Baby Trend Rocket packs more impressive quality features that would surely compel you to bag one for your sweet child.

If there’s one thing we can’t ignore, it is of course the safety of our kids. And Baby Trend manages to meet this standard with a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification as proof. It also has a 5 point harness so our baby’s safety and security will never be compromised. The five straps mounted to the stroller will ensure that your baby is held tight on the seat. Two are located at the shoulders, two at the hips, and one at the crotch.

One of the most common reason why we go for an umbrella stroller is due to its easy and compact fold for travel and storage, wherein this one is also no different! And consider adding its lightweight attribute, its compact fold feature makes the stroller totally mobile and portable. It’s also a big time space saver during travel and when not in used. Just fold it and fit it smoothly inside your car’s trunk for travels or inside a closet for storage.

Next is its sleek comfort-grip handles. The curved handle is designed to ensure that the handle will not slip from your hands. Unlike other cheap brands, it is soft to touch and placed at a comfortable height. Short or tall parents will not be in an awkward position when pushing this and end up having sore backs from handling this.

Strolling with your baby is indeed a bonding activity and it is always fun. But sometimes during the stroll, you know you have to pause and stop by. With pause and stop by, it means stopping by with the stroller. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller’s dual foot activated parking brake feature is engineered to hold the stroller steady as you pause. I tell you moms, it really won’t roll when these two brakes are at work.

Its canopy has a decent size. While it obviously cannot provide full coverage, it still provides some shade and protects your baby from too much direct sunlight which could be harmful to their sensitive skin. Its canopy is also adjustable and even removable for cleaning. It has a basket underneath that can provide an additional depository for your bags and other baby necessities. However don’t expect getting too much space from it, then again considering its price, the basket that comes with it is pretty acceptable.

Additional accessory you’d always love to have is a parent organizer tray which is present in here. The parent organizer tray located behind the seat section is a very useful innovation I must say. It includes two cup holders and zipper compartment that allows you an easy access to your favorite drink, your baby’s milk and your phone as you stroll with your baby. This just defines convenience, am I right moms? Although I recommend that you don’t place your hot drinks in there to avoid any accidental spills that could hurt your kid.

I’m sure by now you’re realizing this is totally a good buy! But allow me to further set that in stone by telling you more about its specifications. Its dimensions is 29.5 x 40.6 x 18.3 inches. Basically, that’s above 3 feet from the floor. This stroller is sturdy and strong enough. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it can hold your baby up to a maximum weight recommendation of 50 pounds. Your baby can use this until he or she reaches the age of 3 or so. Its frame has the combination of Plastic, Polyester and Steel material that has flame retardant protective quality, pretty neat!

At these prices, you wouldn’t expect a baby stroller to be able to recline, but boy, this one does! Which makes this an even sweeter treat! While it doesn’t fully recline, it still able to recline for 2 to 4 inches down.

Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller comes in two colors which are known as Duke, a combination of Black and Red, and Princeton, wears an all black. I personally like the Princeton because it looks gorgeous and classy; plus, it’s won’t get dirtied easily. While Duke looks brighter, sleek and attractive too. Which one do you prefer?

Do note though that there was a customer who got its handles cracked after 3 weeks of use. On the other hand, this is probably an isolated case given that there weren’t a lot of reported cases such as this. Few were also concerned with the durability of the wheels. In cases like this, the best option that you can do is to contact Baby Trend customer service and report the problem immediately. They’ll be more than happy to assist you and if needed, replace the product for you in no time with free return service if you buy it from Amazon.

You have to take note that this product is eligible for Amazon’s 30-days return policy only. So make sure to check all of your ordered items, not just this one, right after receiving it to check for any faulty parts. It is advisable to report any problems the soonest time that you might encounter to be able to address the issue immediately.

All in all, for me this product rocks. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller is clearly a dependable baby furniture that you surely would not want to miss especially if you have a limited budget. For a price just a little shy away from $50, it is way more than capable and useful. It provides convenience, reliability and comfort, all in one affordable package. Baby Trend Rocket proves its stand to be the best umbrella stroller under 50 bucks. Buy this from Amazon and you even get to avail free shipping of this impressive stroller right to your doorstep. Indeed a must have for budget conscious parents in need of strollers for their babies!

I know you’re pretty much already sold as I am with this fella, but hey, you can still check out the rest on the list.

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J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller

A stylish, balanced, and comfortable stroller is hard to find nowadays. It’s always a battle between price and quality while some can be so comfortable but be so heavy because of all the bells and whistles. One of the best of my latest finds happens to be from J is for Jeep and it is the North Star Stroller. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable, it is pretty much the no nonsense stroller every minimalist parent out there is looking for.

Let’s first get over with some of North Star’s weaker points. For starters, North Star can only hold up to 40 lbs. Secondly, it only comes with 3-point safety harness. These qualities may not sound as impressive as the Rocket, but they are still highly acceptable for the price. And I guarantee you they’re totally safe to use and can definitely take a beating. After all, While the harness still keeps your baby firmly in place without restricting free movement too much that it feels almost strangling. Regardless, the North Star still has its own edge over other strollers in this price point, including Baby Trend’s.

This gorgeous stroller also screams value for money being the most versatile stroller in the more affordable range of baby strollers. In fact, it also sports the largest canopy around in this price range. Its canopy even has an extra sun visor to protect your baby from getting too much sun and other bad elements. North Star also got the best weight, rolling in at only 10 pounds. Plus, it folds very quickly to a compact size. It’s simply perfect for parents who are travelling and always on the go since it’s very easy to move, bring it anywhere and put it away.

Best of all, I totes love its padded seat with roll-up design. You can opt to roll up the seat’s padding to use as a headrest and it’s also perfect for the summer during extra hot weather. This way, you can let your child sit on a mesh back for better air ventilation to keep him/her cool which is really nice. While on colder seasons, you can roll it down for extra padding to provide cozier and warmer touch to your cute little one.

I also particularly love how the handles and heights of the stroller are very well thought out! Its handles are 40” high from the ground so it isn’t a problem at all for shorter and taller people to maneuver this. Hooray to no more hunching over nor bending all the way down and goodbye to sore backs!

Speaking of maneuvering, its front wheels swivel has suspension system that helps absorb shock from bumpy roads. The back wheels, on the other hand, are lockable when you need to keep the stroller in place. North Star also got a calf support and a footrest which are icing on the cake.

For the parent’s convenience, there’s a removable carry-all parent organizer at the back so you won’t have your hands full when you run around doing errands with the baby. Other than the handy removable bag at the back, there’s also a storage basket underneath for whatever you may need along the way. Lastly, there’s also a cup holder for your beverage needs!

All in all, the J is For Jeep Brand North Star Stroller is a gem, especially in this economy. It’s incredibly rare to find an umbrella stroller that fits into the complicated Venn diagram that is price, quality, and design. Whenever I use this gorgeous stroller, it really blows my mind that it doesn’t cost much. So, if you’re in the market for the best umbrella stroller under 50 dollars that isn’t only affordable but also performs extremely well, this might be the one for you. Who says you have to break the bank to get the best for you and your baby?

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Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

As we go further down the price, you can’t totally expect for a product to have more features than the more expensive ones. Although the Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella is not miles better than the Baby Trend Rocket, it still tries to step up. It has both advantages and slight disadvantage when compared to the others on the list.

The Kolcraft Cloud is a great push chair that works pretty damn well for its price.  Before we get to the good parts, let me first tell you its drawbacks. This one only has 3-point harness as well like the North Star and has a lower weight limit of up to 40 pounds. Its safety harness still does a good job of securing your child. I would suggest you to only use this if your little one is not so little anymore, about more than 8 months of age and can sit on his/her own effortlessly. Its height is pretty average, but if you’re way too tall, you may end up kicking its rear wheels a bit so just watch out for that.

Despite these shortcomings, it still has qualities to love. It’s really lightweight, just about 11 pounds, so it’s easy to lift this in and out of the car’s trunk or carry it around while commuting. It can fit in compact vehicles and still leaves some room for other things like your groceries or shopping bags. It is well-built, sturdy and easy to put together. Just pop on the wheels and you’re pretty much set to go.

Its mesh bottom basket may not be as big as you would expect from standard ones. However, it still has decent space for you to fit in your baby’s essentials and other stuff. On the other hand, I appreciate the size of its canopy. It’s better and quite bigger than the Rocket, as it can manage to provide more coverage. It also comes with a cup holder, perfect for morning walks. It is easy to operate, maneuvers smoothly and folds up nicely and in just one step.

Above all, this one also has a cool climate roll-up portion on the seat which I really like the most! You can roll the seat padding up or down depending on the condition of the weather. With exposed mesh back keeps air circulation around the baby. So, it keeps your baby cool and prevents sweat build-up on the seat.

It has few hiccups but it definitely brings convenience to traveling. It’s been well tested and got a pretty good score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. It’s available for not more than $50 with free shipping and free return service from Amazon. Shopping is easier with just a click of a button, a friendly courier will drop it straight to your doorstep. No need to hassle your way through the streets while carrying your child or having to use a heavy stroller. While the Kolcraft has more similar features to the North Star, this one has the lowest price tag among the bunch. It has the best price for all the features you need, making this the best umbrella stroller under 50 bucks. The Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller is a great buy to roll along with your travels.

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The Round-Up

Every single penny we make counts. So no matter how expensive or inexpensive they are, we are still making an investment to them. We are not only spending monetary value but we are also relying to them for our kid’s safety and comfort. So just because they are affordable, doesn’t mean we could just forgive them from performing poorly. For one thing, the best cheap umbrella strollers can not only carry toddlers but should also be capable of letting our children feel comfortable and secured.

Hence, if you only have $50 for your budget, this is a great place to start! Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight stroller is a fully-functional stroller that can also stay with your baby very much longer. While preferring for a the lightest option for constant travels, the North Star will be your best bet. While getting closest to all of the features of the other 2 strollers at the least cost, the Kolcraft Cloud makes for an awesome steal!

Mom’s words of advice

Shopping is a gamble no matter what price you end up paying. You can be paying too much for a product that’s worth way less of its value. Or you can end up buying very inexpensive item but ends up breaking after a few use only. One thing’s certain, buying an item that’s worth more, or at least equal, of its price is totally satisfying. And that’s how you’d also feel with the best umbrella strollers under 50 dollars. They have all the basic features you really need covered, offering you great value for money. Thus, I guarantee you this will be your best $50 well spent!

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Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel Lets You Be On-the-Go

Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel

Me and my husband like to travel a lot. We like to explore our surroundings, check out new restaurants in the neighborhood and just be more on the outdoors! Travelling is never been a problem for both of us, however, everything has change when our little baby boy arrived. Every time we travel with our little one was a challenge. From clothes to bring, baby foods, milk bottles, diapers and many more to consider, we should always list them down because if we forget something, it will surely be a nightmare for us and ordeal for my child. I just can’t take that risk.

One time when we traveled to my in-laws, which was 2 hours drive from our home, became a disaster to me and my husband. The bulky stroller is too heavy to carry, which felt like we are carrying 2 kids, needless to say it also took up too much space! It’s tiring to carry these bulky strollers which will bring me some back pains at the end of the day and not to mention, they can be quite difficult to operate. That’s when me and my husband decided to look for another stroller, that give us ease and comfort to my child when travelling.

Overview of the Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel

When looking for the best umbrella stroller for travel use, you should consider 4 major things: lightweight, easy to operate, compact, safe and comfortable to use. With that in mind, I shortlisted 3 of the best in the market for this category in no particular order.

Summer Infant 3Dtote
4.2 out of 5
Weighing 17 lbs
20.5 x 36 x 43.5 in
50 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Peg Perego Pliko Mini Stroller
4.7 out of 5
Weighing 13 lbs
33.3 x 19.2 x 40.2 in
45 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
J is for Jeep Brand Atlas AL
4.5 out of 5
Weighing 17.19 lbs
20.3 x 42.1 x 30.5
50 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation

The Reviews

Peg Perego Pliko Mini Stroller

I bet every parent will agree, if I say we always prioritize our child’s safety.  When choosing the best umbrella stroller for travel, security is first on my check list. Sometimes, the problem with very light strollers is that it can easily topple over which can be unsafe. But with the Peg Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, safety is one factor they never came short. It’s not flimsy, will not break easily and has 5 point harness to keep your child in place.

It may not fully recline like the ones I mentioned for the best umbrella strollers for infants, but Its backrest can still recline in 3 different positions to allow our little kid snuggle and snooze comfortably. And what’s I also love about this is its leg rests are adjustable to accommodate our growing child.

More reasons why I recommend this, aside from the fact that the safety and comfort of our child are assured, traveling will be a breeze. Peg Perego will be your best companion. It has a front wheel suspension that keeps your baby comfortable and won’t easily feel any small bumps in case you walk through rough terrains, as the wheel suspension is designed to absorb the shock. Your little angel can sleep soundly. The front wheels also swivel and lock, bringing you a smooth ride in the mall and handles reasonably well on rough sidewalks. This stroller maneuvers easily, and on smooth surfaces can even be steered with one hand.

It is also one of the best lightweight umbrella strollers with weight of only 11 pounds. The frame itself is lightweight, but stable enough to hold your baby and will not tip over easily. Its folding mechanism is very easy to do and you can even do it with just one hand, no need to bend over. On top of it all, it can stand alone while folded so you won’t have to put it down and get it dirtied. This also makes it really manageable and convenient even when you’re on public transports or while you are putting your groceries away to the trunk of your car while carrying your child on your other hand. All of this great features are what it makes to be one of the best umbrella strollers for travel!

And like most strollers, it also has a canopy to protect your child from direct sunlight or small rain drops. It also has a bottom basket for you to put some of your things or place your child’s diaper bag, after all, our child is the one who has a lot of needs to grow up healthy. Oh, and before I forget, it also comes with different vibrant colors and designs! So for the stylish moms out there, you don’t have to compromise your look and still walk out in style with your kid.

Packed with convenient and useful features, Peg Perego Pliko Mini Stroller is a top choice for traveling. It is priced around $180 to $250 depending on availability and design. Plus, this is offered with free shipping to save you the hassle of going out shopping while you still don’t have a stroller to use with your baby. It is even rated with a high satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. With Peg Perego, you can travel with ease and style!

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Summer Infant 3Dtote

Summer Infant has a variety of line-ups to meet the various needs of parents. Whether it be budget, specific feature or your growing child’s needs, you’ll surely find one that fits your needs. Among its offers, the award-winning Summer Infant 3Dlite is undeniably the popular choice due to its lightness and convenient features that are reliable for everyday use. However when it comes to frequent travelling, more so to far destinations, the 3Dtote seems to stand out the most for the job!

After all, 3Dtote takes after the 3Dlite but loaded with better features that will be beneficial for travelling. I’m talking about its incredible amount of storage, extra comfort and more convenient details you’d be happy to have. It definitely sets a whole new spectrum for the Summer Infant series for modern baby gear that’s inspired by iconic architecture, chic fashion, and fresh interior design.

Summer Infant 3Dtote promises the modern consumer the most user friendly, premium line of strollers, accessories, play spaces, and high chairs to complete every bit of your baby needs! Going back to this umbrella stroller, the design is super sleek, modern, reliable for travels and is clad in a beautiful black aluminum frame that isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also sturdy.

It weighs around 17 pounds, which is certainly not ultralight but still manageable. However if weight is very crucial for your travelling, the best lightweight umbrella strollers may be more up to your alley. On the flip side, this one is much sturdier that can withstand unintentional mishandling like getting thrown around the airport or getting bumped as you travel. There’s also a carry shoulder strap that makes it a lot easier for you to bring and carry this around when folded. Its folding mechanism works in 3 steps by lifting the rear brace with your foot, then push its lever with your foot and fold!

The baby stays comfortable with its wide, padded seat that can recline into 3 positions. You can easily change its position with its 1-hand recline handle and lower it to the desired position. The adjustable canopy is also wide enough to keep your baby safe from the sun and harmful UV rays. It even has a pop out sun visor for the added protection.

Now when it comes to the bottom cargo basket, the 3Dtote is ready to take a load off of your shoulders. Summer infant is very proud of 3Dtote’s enormous storage basket. It has a unique design where you can snap up or down its mesh basket to expand its storage capability by 3 times the size of a 3Dlite. Take note, the storage on the 3Dlite is already generous. What more if you multiply that by 3!

If you feel it’s still not enough, there’s a convenient tailored side pockets for extra storage. While the pocket on its canopy provides quicker access for your keys, wallet and phone. And a great treat from 3Dtote, it also included a cup holder and built-in clips on the handles for you to hang your bags and groceries! Don’t worry, the 3Dtote assures you that its geometrically designed to hold your diaper bags and shopping bags without tipping over easily.

Its handles are also a treat! It has ergonomic design with extra padded contoured foam so it’s comfy to touch. You’ll also love to know, especially for tall parents, that it has a tall height so you won’t have to hunch over while travelling all day!

The Summer Infant 3Dtote usually retails around a hundred thirty dollars, but you can get this at a discounted price with free shipping in Amazon. This is definitely a great investment that could last for several years. It’s loaded with convenient features that will surely make travelling with a baby such a breeze. The 3Dtote is sure to become a family favorite from everywhere you can think of. It’s totes the best umbrella strollers for travels.

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J is for Jeep Brand Atlas AL Stroller

J is for Jeep Brand is an absolute dear that ensures a convenient and cozy ride. Okay, I’m not talking about cars here. But it does have wheels as well. We’re still talking about strollers, and this time it’s from J is for Jeep Brand. For those who doesn’t know, J is for Jeep brand is actually in partnership with Delta Children. Which I’m pretty sure with Delta Children, they do nothing but deliver quality products. After all, they’ve been around for the longest time, founded since 1968. With such staying power, you can pretty much tell they’re one of the experts. And when it comes to abundant storage space in an umbrella stroller, the J is for Jeep brand Atlas AL is your best pal.

When it comes to design, the J is for Jeep brand Atlas AL almost looks very modular and reminds one of more modern styles in fashion! It sports a warm gray tone with little blue line accents and patterned design inside the canopy. Its light blue gives off a cool vibe that perfectly complements its overall color. Who says only your clothes can be fashionable? Certainly, no one! The Atlas AL is definitely stylish, but on the down side, you only get 1 style. There are no other colors or designs to choose from.

On a positive note, you won’t have the dilemma on what design to choose since there’s only one. Nevertheless, the Atlas AL looks stunning. After you take in its overall appearance, you turn it around then your jaw quite literally drops at the amount of storage it has. It can carry almost anything and everything for you. That’s certainly how I felt when I saw this beauty!

It also has tons of storage space waiting for you. It has a mesh basket under the seat with generous size for the bag and baby essentials. While at the rear of its canopy has a bag or pouch for the parents to put in their keys or cash for quick access. There’s also a cup or bottle holder on the side that you can truly use. While there’s a good chance not all of your things can fit the bottom bin and the parent pouch. You can hang some of your bags or groceries on the handle just fine and it won’t topple over easily.

And if the huge storage compartments aren’t enough to make you jump for joy, the Atlas AL has all the perks of any great umbrella stroller in the market! J is for the Jeep brand made sure to keep the Atlas AL super compact which makes storing and just getting around town super easy and convenient. Definitely designed for parents that are almost always on the go, the Atlas AL keeps the safety and comfort of your baby in check as well.

Its extendable European style canopy protects your baby from the elements, which incidentally sports a pattern that is too cute for words! It also has a sun visor and 2 peek-a-boo windows for you to easily check on your little tot. There’s an adjustable foot rest to accommodate the different position of your child for that tailor made comfort! And of course, the common 5 point harness is also present but this has a soft shoulder pads to keep your little one still comfortable while being secured on his or her seat.

When the day’s done, the Atlas AL incorporates the classic and easy compact fold with auto-lock mechanism that makes it ready for storage in your trunk or in a tight space at home! with snap of your fingers! On other hand, few had slight inconvenience as you might need both hands and a foot to open this thing. Still, the Atlas AL is JPMA certified and meets or exceeds all ASTM and applicable CPSC standards to ensure that your baby is on good hands.

If you are not yet satisfied with these features, there are still plenty more reasons to love it! It has ergonomic handles that are comfy to touch and make pushing easy. It’s made of high quality aluminum frame for durability and tougher built against wear and tear. Plus, the seat has memory foam that is basically the comfiest thing ever! Since memory foam follows the contour of the body, it keeps the spine aligned and makes you feel relaxed. So even if you have to stay with your little one out for long hours, they remain comfortable on their seats. Despite being unable to recline flat, it still has multi-position reclines. And there’s a reflective piping so you can still see your baby while having that leisure walk at night.

This one is pretty adorable and affordable! This can be delivered to your home free of charge for less than $130. With a stellar rating of 4.5 out of 5, this is no doubt one of the best umbrella strollers for travel. Putting how much storage and pretty it looks aside, the Atlas AL packs with handy features that are worth your time and consideration. Let you and your baby finally have a reliable stroller for a cozy ride at last!

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The Round-Up

Each has their own advantage to one another. Just like how Peg Perego has the least weight, the 3Dtote with the most spacious utility and protection from the elements or the Scout Atlas for its added comfort perfect for long trips. So what’s important is for you to identify your need first in order for you to easily find one that fits the most.

Mom’s Words of Advice…

You should keep in mind the 5 things I mentioned earlier, which are lightweight, convenient, compact, safe and comfortable to use. These are the important factors when looking for the best umbrella stroller for travel for the reasons that when we travel, we are already bringing a lot of yours and baby’s stuff. So having a heavier one will not be helpful at all, unless it’s capable of holding all of your stuff for you.

Bulky ones will make it harder for you to bring it anywhere since public places don’t have the luxurious of space. While having an easy to operate stroller, well, who doesn’t like convenience right? Security is crucial since going out everyday exposes our little one to any possible situations and we just want to have that peace of mind as well aside from physical stress. Lastly, going on trips likely means staying out all day. So it’s important that our babies are comfortable on their pushchairs.

And for a perfect get away, you should NEVER ever forget the most important baby essentials to bring when traveling for a stress-free and “cry-free” trip with your cute little one.


Best Cheap Umbrella Strollers For Your Budget

Best Cheap Umbrella Strollers

Are you a bit low on funds but hesitating to buy inexpensive umbrella strollers for fear of buying low quality products? Sometimes when you think about cheap, the first thing comes to mind is that cheap products are poorly made and will unable to meet your expectations. While sure, there are really crappy products being sold cheaply. However, here, we define cheap as being “worth more than its cost”! And so, I’m presenting you with the best cheap umbrella strollers.

After all, as much as we want to provide all the best things and perks for our children, we can’t help but still be limited to our budget. It is already hard enough to earn, yet there are lots of other things to spend on such as our daily needs as well as for our kids. Even more so on baby essentials for parents expecting their first child. And if it so happens that you already own an expensive standard stroller, the more reason you should consider opting for a more affordable but still fabulous umbrella stroller you can use when you’re in need of a lighter and more compact companion for travels or quick trips.

Overview of the Best Cheap Umbrella Strollers

SavingsonCheapUmbrellaStrollersThere are cheap umbrella strollers that are truly not worth buying because often times their quality is substandard, tend to be flimsy, have seat with no padding and have lesser features and accessories available with them. Nonetheless, there are still a handful of decent umbrella types that even for a low price, they still have a solid construction, offer features and the convenience you would need. Not to mention, majority of them tend to be lighter in weight compared to the average umbrella strollers. But most importantly, some of these still have a seat with safety features and adequate padding to make the ride comfortable for our children. With tight budget taking into account, I listed down my top 3 choices for budget-friendly umbrella strollers you will surely love with prices not more than $65!

Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller
3.8 out of 5
Weighing 12 lbs
43 x 11.4 x 8.3 in
50 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Dream on Me Jasper Lightweight Stroller
4.0 out of 5
Weighing 14 lbs
28.5 x 15 x 38 in
50lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
J is for Jeep Brand Scout AL Sport Stroller
3.9 out of 5
Weighing 16.1 lbs
19.3 x 43.1 x 31.9
50 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation

The Reviews

Dream on Me Jasper Lightweight Stroller

Dream on Me has definitely been a household name when it comes to budget-friendly baby products and it’s definitely no wonder why they’re so successful. Dream on Me is actually a sub-brand of the DOM Family, which started retailing in baby products since 1988. Since then, they’ve been innovating affordable products that combine function and style into one compact package. True to their service, their Dream on Me sub-brand promises quality products made affordable for every family. With a commitment like that, dreaming to own their product is easy to make into a reality!

But truth be told, there are few instances wherein their strollers come in a bit short despite being a tempting purchase due to their low price tags. Nevertheless, that won’t be the case with their Jasper Lightweight Stroller.

First of all, the Jasper lives up to its lightweight name by maintaining a total of 14 pounds of weight. I assure that you won’t struggle carrying this around or up and down the stairs since weight won’t be an issue. Plus, it even has hand strap on the side which makes it even more convenient to hand-carry it while folded. It is  incredibly easy to store through its compact fold design, which also makes it perfect for travelling. It barely takes up space so it can even fit inside the trunks of small cars or airplane compartments; and is smaller than other leading brands when it is folded. While it may take a few warm-ups for a new stroller to fold down smoothly. Its folding mechanism is quick and simple to use that you can already do it subconsciously.

Other than being a small portable package, the Jasper also packs features that enable it to grow with your baby. It has tall backrest, wide seating, extended footrest and highly adjustable qualities to comfortably accommodate your growing child’s needs. You can start introducing the Jasper as your baby’s best bud for travels at 6 months of age up to 36 months or when they’ve exceeded its capacity of 50 pounds!

To anticipate for your baby’s growth and situational needs, the Dream on Me Jasper is highly adjustable and easy to operate. It has multi-position recline for both nap and play time. You won’t even have to worry on transitioning between positions of the seat since it can be done smoothly with just one hand grip placed at the center of the backrest. While the 5-point harness keeps them safe, secure and keeps them away from touching everything in sight without compromising comfort! The harness comes with shoulder pads and can be easily adjusted so it won’t feel too tight. Aside from the harness, the canopy is also height-adjustable which can be easily operated with a simple slide gesture.

At first glance, its canopy looks similar to the Summer Infant Go Lite. The canopies provide some decent shade but not full coverage. If I have to choose between the two in terms of canopies alone, although both looks gorgeous, I’ll give my vote to Dream on Me Jasper. Because Jasper’s canopy has slightly longer coverage and better functionality. Aside from its unique height adjustability, it also extends cover at the back which creates additional protection from the elements for your child, especially when the seat is reclined all the way back for a sleeping position!

Like most umbrella strollers, this one also has a spacious basket at the bottom. On the other hand, Jasper gives you a little treat by attaching a cup holder on the side of its handle. It’s also quite deep, allowing you to fit taller bottles. You can enjoy longer trips with your baby while staying hydrated!

Driving the Jasper around town is a breeze with its superior maneuverability even in tight spaces and tricky surfaces. We owe it to its swivel front and lockable rear wheels, equipped with a Stop and Go braking system. This advanced braking system makes it easy to put the stroller on halt and prevent it from rolling away, promising an extremely smooth and safe ride for both you and your baby.

Lastly, the Jasper has a noticeable chic design, perfectly matched with quality construction! In fact, the Dream on Me Jasper passed the CPSC and ATMA Certificate. Meaning, this stroller passed the safety standards in baby products, which guarantees a safe trip for your baby. Equipped with padded handle bars and bumper bar provide extra comfort and safety. Covering the sturdy but light frame is a plush and breathable textile material that prevents it from getting dirtied easily!

The Dream on Me Jasper will definitely be a clear slam dunk with every parent for its functionality, style and affordability, all in one package! Clearly, the Dream on Me Jasper Stroller redefines what it means to be a budget product, bagging a place for the best cheap umbrella strollers!

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Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant is no stranger to making great quality strollers for an affordable price, best example is their Summer Infant 3D Lite. It was so successful in 2014 that they left nothing but positive remarks and 2015 is proven to be another great year for them as they produced their new lineups to watch out for, the 3D Flip, 3D Zyre and now the Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller. For moms and dads in search for feather weight stroller with lesser budget, this is highly recommended!

Now that the First Years Ignite is no longer widely available, but you still want one, this is as close as you can get. Better yet, it’s cheaper! Although, the Ignite is still better in features, the differences are minimal. The Summer Infant Go Lite has a 5-point safety harness and is made of a sturdy steel frame, so you will be confident on the safety of your child. Its anti-shock front wheels are nice to have. It can keep your little one sound asleep even as you go over rough terrains or bumpy roads. And for something to be quite inexpensive, its recline adjustment is well define that it can smoothly adjust from seating position to almost flat to provide better comfort for your baby while she sleeps.

You are also likely to use this long enough until your child learns how to walk. After all it can carry up to 50 pounds of weight. However the seat is fairly shallow so make sure to only use this when your child can sit on its own. It storage pocket is also kind of small for me. Since I love to travel, I prefer a stroller that has a large storage for my baby’s essentials. Obviously,  it’s no match when compared to higher end umbrella strollers and that will also not be fair. The Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller is still a great gem above the usual cheap umbrella strollers.

I like its adjustable canopy, it not really that big but it is still nice to have one and it manages to provide little sun shade. Its three fold style is very easy but may require two hands. It is sleek and can be stored in tiny spaces, it can even fit just at the back of your door. The stroller weighs about 15.6 pounds, still pretty light that I can manage to carry it with one hand and not give me much trouble when travelling.

The style is simple yet still shows sophistication and does not go out of date. The black and green color combination is my favorite. I love to travel with my little angel, but I also need to take care on house chores, my business and accomplish my job as a wife, I don’t have a lot of free time to clean it; so the color helps. The little green accent makes it pretty than just going with pure black, but that’s just my preference.

Last but not the least, it still boils down to price. The price of Summer Infant Go Lite ranges between $55 to $65, depending on its design. It’s not the lowest among the three but it’s one of the best cheap umbrella strollers that provides the most value for your money. It’s practical and you get what you pay for with slightly better quality and features. If you got few extra cash, you may want to consider the Summer Infant 3D Lite with just about 10 bucks difference, or you may also want to check out the best umbrella strollers under $100. Your summer outing will be successful and complete with the Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller. Two thumbs up for this stroller!

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J is for Jeep Brand Scout AL Sport Stroller

J is for Jeep has always been well-known as a great and reliable budget brand for baby products. They’re a great go-to brand if you’re ever in the market for cheaper alternatives to expensive high-end baby gear. They definitely haven’t disappointed me yet! Whenever my friends ask me where they can get great value for money for their baby’s needs, J is for Jeep is usually an easy answer. And its Scout AL Sports stroller is no exception to J is for Jeep’s long line of affordable functional products for you and your baby.

But as we go further down the price on the list of best cheap umbrella strollers, it’s no surprise that the next one will also have slightly lesser features compared to the more expensive ones. With that said, I also find the Scout AL Sports slightly inferior than the Summer Infant. Nevertheless, it still has some tricks and relevant features you really need at a lower price.

Let’s start with the general design of the Scout Stroller. It’s pretty simple and straightforward – as every baby stroller should be. The last thing you want is going crazy trying to figure out what pokes through where and what buttons and levers pop open what. With the Scout you get a simple all-around stroller that also preaches the same no nonsense concept like most of J is for Jeep’s baby strollers which is great for the modern minimalist parent. Now let’s get on to the features of this bad boy!

The first thing you’ll probably notice is its canopy. It’s pretty huge and handy! Added to the fact that it has a nice little color accent, it is very hard to miss. The extendable European style canopy has sun visors which is large enough in providing decent sunshade. It also helps protects your child from the bad elements that could possibly harm him or her. And speaking of protection, this also keeps your child safe thanks to its 5-point safety harness with soft shoulder pads. So, it not only keeps your baby firmly in place but also comfortable. A cool feature they added to the harness is a reflective trimming. This allows the stroller to have an excellent visibility even in darker situations for night time strolls and errands.

The build quality is also pretty solid but remains not too heavy due to its high quality aluminum frame. While its sturdy 6” front and back wheels with a suspension system can take a beating. Whether it’s maneuvering through tighter spaces or running on bumpy cobblestones. The sturdy build makes all the difference gives you the smooth ride that both you and the baby deserve. While the soft rubber carrying handles are the definitive icing on the cake for this beautiful umbrella stroller. The handles are just at the right place, so it’s pretty comfortable for even tall parents to push this thing.

To give your baby that extra comfort, this umbrella stroller also has multiple reclining positions. It’s perfect for both nap and exploring time. While it doesn’t lie flat, it still has a pretty deep recline to provide optimum comfort for your child as he or she sleeps.

Once the day is done, the Scout has a quick and compact fold design. You can easily store it and won’t even take too much space. These make it an ideal modern baby stroller for differently sized homes and travels. So it’s light, compact, and comfortable in hand especially thanks to the rubber handles I mentioned earlier. And you definitely don’t have to worry about it rolling off somewhere either. There’s a “fold and go” auto-lock latch to make it easy to transport and stay its ground. While the rear wheels also feature their very own easy step breaks!

Lastly, strollers are not only useful for your baby but also brings convenience to parents! You can have a nice cup of coffee or whatever beverage you fancy as you stroll. You don’t even have to hold it all the time since Scout AL Sports can hold it for you. It has a parent cup holder that is just ready for your everyday go-to energy drink! To further keep you as load-free as possible, the Scout AL offers a lot of opportunities for storage. First, you’ve got a double rear canopy bag. Then you have velco closure side pockets that are also detachable, and lastly, a very spacious undercarriage bin! Awesome!

Weighing in at only 16.1 pounds, the Scout AL Sport is a fantastic affordable option as far as baby strollers go. It actually retails around $80. But depending on the 3 colors you end up choosing, you can get this at a lower price between 50 to 70 bucks. Fortunately, gender-neutral colors such as green and blue are available at its lower price point. It’s functional, lightweight, compact, and can even carry a weight of up to 50 pounds! Thus, with the Scout AL, you’re not only getting one of the best cheap umbrella strollers. You’re also getting a great bargain for its actual value.

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The Round-Up

Being cheap doesn’t automatically means it’s a bad thing. It’s about making wise purchases and being a practical parent in order to be able to provide for all of your baby’s needs. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. So why spend so much when you can buy stuff for the same quality and features at a lower price? And that proves to be true for the best cheap umbrella strollers.

With Dream on Me Jasper, you get a fully-featured stroller for a good price. While the Summer Infant Go Lite has the best price and the least weight for your travel ease. Lastly, if you’re looking for the most convenient to use for your daily strolls without compromising the comfort of your child, then the J is for Jeep Brand Scout AL Sport has lots to offer!

Mom’s Words of Advice…

By buying the best cheap umbrella strollers will help you save more for your other expenses. Plus, you also know you’re getting your money’s worth for buying a stroller with features and quality close to that of an expensive stroller for half the price. You get the best of both worlds. So do yourself and your kid a favor, get yourself one of these finest cheap umbrella strollers that is heavy on features but light on your pocket!

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