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Best Umbrella Strollers for Big Kids and Growing Baby

best umbrella strollers for big kids

There really is no other feeling like taking care of your precious little baby. The way they just stay in their cribs – crying, laughing, and keeping us awake through the night. It’s tiring, devastating and amazing all at the same time. We can’t help but watch them as they sleep wondering what sort of life they’ll have years from now, which seems almost like a lifetime away. You then silently hope to yourself that they stay this way forever; this moody, innocent, bundle of joy – from their round little head, down to their teeny tiny toes.

Maybe for some of us, we try to picture this moment and freeze it into our minds. It’s something we just want to try to remember until the day we die. There is absolutely no feeling like this in the world – an immense inexplicable joy only to be matched by an equal sadness upon the realization that these little babies will grow whether we like it or not. They’re going to become moody, crazy kids that will drive you up the wall. Such is the life of any parent. After all, things change and we must change with it – down to the very last detail. That includes even the things we constantly use. Today, I’m going to be talking about one of those essentials that we have to change as well, and it’s the best umbrella strollers for big kids.

We have to remember that we can’t keep using that adorable little stroller we used to use when the baby was months old. Kids grow up and unless your little baby stroller can stretch out, you have to get another one for your big kid! There is no denying that this phase in a parent’s life is truly bittersweet, but it won’t be fun when your umbrella stroller can barely hold it together with your older child.

Overview of the Best Umbrella Strollers for Big Kids

When you finally decide to go out and get a new umbrella stroller for your big kid, you have to have some sort of criteria to follow to make sure you don’t make a bad purchase! The last thing you need is more clutter in the house, after all. So when you do go shopping for umbrella strollers, make sure that your choice is going to be as usual:

First, compact and light. It just won’t do if you can barely push your stroller or fold it up or store it somewhere when it’s just too heavy and bulky! Pick one with reasonable weight and a frame that’s easy to handle and fold. Second, the umbrella stroller has to have all the safety countermeasures for your baby to stay secure. This includes a sturdy but comfortable harness for your baby and special brakes on the wheels of the umbrella stroller. Lastly, and one of the most important thing to remember is that the best umbrella strollers for big kids need to be STURDY that can hold heavier weights of our growing kids.

Of course, additional features are still nice to have like having bigger canopy for full sun protection. The old adorable hoods we usually see in umbrella strollers aren’t enough when you’re taking care of a big kid. Keeping these in mind as we take a look on the best umbrella strollers for big kids!

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience
4.4 out of 5
Weighing 12 lbs
10 x 8 x 40 in
50lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Maclaren Techno XLR
5.0 out of 5
Weighing 15.8 lbs
45.5 x 13.4 x 13 in
65 lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation
Inglesina Net Stroller
4.1 out of 5
Weighing 11.2 lbs
18.5 x 17 x 11.2 in
55lbs Maximum Weight Recommendation

The Reviews

The MacLaren Techno XLR

If this is just a simple question on which is the biggest umbrella stroller, then no doubt, the Maclaren Techno XLR easily takes the crown! And since it carries a premium name known as Maclaren, rest assured its features are something to look forward to as well. You could say a Maclaren is much like the Apple brand among umbrella strollers. While the Techno XLR is their Iphone Plus version. You pay for a high quality product with few extras, plus a premium from owning such brand.

So, why did I say that the Techno XLR easily tops the best umbrella strollers for big kids if it’s only a matter of size? Because it is by far the biggest among the Maclaren lineup for umbrella strollers. It can even carry a whopping 65 pounds of weight, which is totally rare! This makes it a total stand out among others, not just in Maclaren. The seat of a Techno XLR is large, wide and well-padded for the utmost comfort of your growing baby.

Despite its size, it’s still competitive when it comes to weight. The Techno XLR is beautifully lightweight, considering it’s only 15.8 pounds for its bigger form. It is available in three sleek, two-tone colors such as black and silver, silver and green and dove and pink! It also comes with a carry strap to make it more practical and convenient to carry it around, a removable and machine washable seat and oversize basket. But unlike the rest on the list, this one comes with a wind-resistant rain cover, winter boot, head hugger & shoulder pads.

XLR’s large canopy has an extendable UPF+50 protection with built-in sun visor for extra coverage that blocks harmful UV rays. Its canopy is actually slightly larger than the rest on the list, making it perfect for shielding your baby from unwanted elements. Have I also mentioned that it is completely waterproof as well!?

Its 4 easy-to-adjust seat positions make this especially ideal for a comfortable ride and disturb-free napping for your kid. It can also fully recline which makes it not only perfectly suitable for big kids, but also great for newborns. And thanks to its extendable leg rest, it can keep up to your growing child’s needs and comfort. The Techno XLR can be easily operated that adjusting its seat recline can be done with just one hand; and so is its folding mechanism. Speaking of which, this one folds up small so it won’t take up too much space and can even fit in your Mini Cooper trunk!

The Maclaren XLR pretty much got all your needs covered. It also steers well and maneuvers smoothly. It’s all thanks to its 4 big wheels with suspension that helps absorbs shocks from bumpy roads.

While the Techno XLR comes in big package, it’s not very surprising to see it with quite a hefty price tag for not more than $450. Fortunately, you can usually get this at a lower price on Amazon than how much it usually retails in stores. If you’re lucky, you can save as much as 20% discount and even catch it for below four hundred bucks. The Maclaren Techno XLR also got a perfect rating. It’s durable, lightweight and knows how to provide great comfort for your growing child.

The MacLaren Techno XLR would definitely be your pick for the modern parent who prefers an umbrella stroller that gets right down to business with zero nonsense. Indeed, this will suit even the pickiest parents with its universally classic design and convenient features! You may even get the chance to avail its lifetime warranty for the product as long you register with Maclaren online within 60 days of purchase to receive the benefits of their Sovereign Lifetime Warranty.

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The Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

The Summer 3D Lite Stroller, produced by Summer Infant, is a huge success and very in-demand in the market partly due to its affordable price yet packs a lot of punch! The 3D Lite sports a beautifully stylish aluminum frame which makes this umbrella stroller durable and incredibly lightweight. It’s considered by most consumers and online reviewers as one of the most feature rich convenience strollers on the market today! With a weight of 8.6 pounds, frame that’s quite easy to fold and a convenient carry strap, the Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is an incredibly travel-friendly stroller for your baby as well as the parent that’s almost always on the go!

The package includes the umbrella stroller itself with 5-point safety harnesses to ensure a safe and secure ride. There’s also a huge canopy to keep your baby safe from getting far too much sun, a cup holder sits comfortably by the padded handles for the parent’s cup of coffee, bottled water, or even the baby’s formula! But to be honest, the cup holder is not its selling point as it is not very big such that a McDonald’s coffee fits tightly enough that it barely touches the bottom. Nonetheless, this is a positive move and is really convenient to have on a stroller. The storage basket along with a few storage pockets are conveniently located at the backside of the stroller which is perfect for putting the baby’s things as well as a few groceries!

The large and durable wheels measure 6 inches in diameter and feature anti-shock, front suspension to provide your baby a smooth ride even if you hit small bumps or rocks, your child would still be sleeping soundly. The front swivel wheels also lock into place, which make the stroller ideal for scrolling over any surface; from grass, pavement, to even cobblestones! For safety, the rear wheels lock easily with just the touch of a toe, putting the Summer 3D Lite to a complete, not to mention safe, halt.

What makes the Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller especially friendly for infant usage is that the large, adjustable canopy will block your baby’s sensitive skin from the dangerous UV rays, and if that’s not enough, the pop out sun visor provides even more protection on especially sunny days which block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. It has 4 mult-position recline feature that is easily adjustable by simply pressing the red button simultaneously. The 5-point safety harness easily adjusts to three height positions as your child grows, along with a comfortable padding for an extra comfy ride for your little ones.

For each of the stroller I’m highlighting, they actually have their own edge to one another. In this case, the Summer 3D offers the most affordable price of just below $80, plus free shipping. So if those are your priorities in an umbrella stroller, this will be a good choice for you. It also got a high satisfaction from more than 200 parents averaging to 4.4 stars out of a perfect score of 5.

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The Inglesina Net Stroller

The Inglesina Net is another fantastic pick for your big kid. One of my favourite things about this stroller is its ability to stand perfectly still because of its center stand. This totally eliminates the worry of your umbrella stroller rolling off on its own. And since it can also stand on its own while folded, you don’t have to get it dirtied by putting it down on the floor while you load your groceries and bags to your car. This way, it also helps maintain its cleanliness and protect our little ones from getting easily exposed to germs.

When it eventually does get dirty, the seat pad is totally removable and washable. This, in my opinion, is such an important feature on any umbrella stroller! And if you happen to travel on public transports, this becomes handy that you can just let it stand on the bus or the train with just little support. You won’t have to always carry it around or put it down on a public floor which has been exposed with what knows what! I just really find this feature very neat and convenient.

Traveling with this proves to be a superb experience. Aside from its handy self-standing feature, there’s also been no problem with its folding mechanism. It’s compact and pretty easy to fold and unfold with just a push of a button. It also weighs just about 11.2 pounds that it can almost practically compete with our sets of the best lightweight umbrella strollers in the market. It is not heavy at all; plus, the Inglesina Net Umbrella Stroller comes with a practical shoulder strap which makes carrying it around with you stress-free! You don’t have to worry on having sore backs at the end of every trip.

The Inglesina Net also comes it a lot of beautiful and vibrant colors to suit different tastes – from classic black to bright yellow! There’s certainly something for everyone. The extra large hood also features a powerful sun protection of UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ for maximum protection! In terms of maintenance, the hood is also removable and washable. There are two positions for reclining to provide maximum comfort for the precious little one. Unfortunately, it does not fully recline to flat which what it lacks when compared to the Maclaren Techno XLR. Also, there’s a large storage basket to put the baby’s things and even some of yours! The cup holder is there to await your every drink mood or just a place to put the baby’s formula in!

If all these features don’t convince you enough yet, the Inglesina Umbrella Stroller is available for just less than $150. But it can go higher depending on the color and design you choose. Having an Inglesina Net can make your life a hundred times easier for you! Almost everyone who tried it left positive testaments on how awesome it is! In fact, the Inglesina Net Stroller gained positive and favorable reviews, and currently has a high approval rate of 4.1 out of 5 stars. And if you decide to buy it on Amazon, this will be delivered straight to your home with no charge! It is a great deal and definitely a wonderful investment among strollers. So better grab the opportunity of owning one of the best umbrella strollers for big kids before stocks run out!

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Mom’s Advice

It’s a sad time when you finally realize that your kids are starting to grow up. But you have to remember that it’s all part of the crazy life of parenthood! It definitely doesn’t mean that if your children are starting to grow that you lose even more opportunities to make new memories. In fact, it’s the total opposite! Raising a kid can’t be all wine and roses. There will be tough times and happy times but all are equally important. Every single one of them are memories you would never trade away for anything in the world! Take this time to make even more memories with your kids. And you can make them a whole lot more special with the best umbrella strollers for big kids! After all, when they’re happy, you’re happy!

First Years Jet Stroller Review: First Love Hard to Forget

First Years Jet

They may be known as The First Years, but it is definitely not their first time to be recognized as one of the awesome umbrella strollers of all time. They are not even known for producing cheap baby essentials, but they are actually recognized for providing high quality products that can meet the needs of both parents and children. So when I learned that a First Years stroller is available at a low price, I quickly checked it out and as expected, it is just as amazing as the other ones and it comes to the form of The First Years Jet.

But first, Here’s a quick rundown features of the First Years Jet.

  • Durable Frame Rated for Use 6 months to 50 pounds
  • Taller handles and multi position recline
  • 5 point harness for a safer ride
  • Large parent console and lower storage basket
  • Easy one hand fold and weighs only 11 pounds

Dimension: 30 x 19 x 39.5 in

A Closer Look on First Years Jet Stroller


First Years Jet is actually my first umbrella stroller to try, fell in love with and gone to trips with my kid. It’s well-featured for an affordable and reasonable price, much like how the Summer Infant 3D Lite is currently doing. Although The First Years Jet may not have the complete feature you would see from most expensive models. But the Jet is in no doubt offers a lot more compared among its same price category.


First Years Jet, city chic

First Years Jet, City Chic

The First Years Jet is the bump down version of the First Years Ignite, which is why they highly resemble each other. But the Jet wears more of a full-colored design, widely popularized with its red-colored variant. Later on, it came with a full black-colored stroller similar with the Ignite for a classier look, which they called as City Chic as well. Its design is pretty simple and may not get much attention, but instead, it make your baby  stands out and bring those attention focus on your baby’s cuteness!


It has solid and durable frame. And since the materials and the frame have a solid construction, it may be slightly heavier compared to most low-budget strollers that weighs around 7 pounds. But those types usually don’t last long and tend to easily tip over. It also has some padding compared to other cheap ones that only have a fabric used for its seating. It also has 8 6″ diameter of wheels for better maneuverability and smooth gliding. And most importantly, it has good high handles which is great for parents with average height. For someone who is six feet tall, you won’t have a problem driving this thing as well. But for really tall people, you may start hunching over it slightly. Nonetheless, the height of the handle is really great and just about right which you don’t see that often with the low priced ones!


The First Years Jet still weighs a good weight of 11 pounds, just right to hold up our children and still light enough for us to carry it around. This thing also comes with a parent console, lower large storage basket and a canopy. But let’s face it, the canopy is not large enough to cover all the sunlight. Still, I appreciate its attempt since it is better to have some sun protection than none at all right?!

The Jet can also hold up to 50 pounds but is only recommended to be used with toddlers 6 months of age just like the regular ones. Its seat base is also wider than average so that’s a plus points on my book! Our little ones won’t feel to cramped on their seat, and it leaves some room for them to grow. Nicely done!

I know by now, you already have figured out that this is a keeper. But wait there’s more! This unit offers the 5-point harness that provides an extra safety feature for our kid. Plus, it has a multi-position recline to let our kids sit or nap more comfortably! With the Jet, every ride will be comfortable for us and our kids.

Price and Where to Buy

The Jet is worth buying and offers great value for each penny spent. It is as good as the other higher priced umbrella strollers. Initially, this is priced more or less around $60, but now that the manufacturer has discontinued its production, it’s no longer widely distributed and became seldom available. Now its price is playing around 100 bucks. But if you’re lucky you can find this at a good price from Amazon plus free shipping service.


If you are still unconvinced that this is an awesome stroller, then you can read all the raves from more than 600 happily satisfied users! This unit is a popular choice and one of the most demanded umbrella strollers then. In fact, it already got a high approval of 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Lots of people have already spoken. The First Years Jet got the features you need and used to be one of the best cheap umbrella strollers. It’s heavy on feature and still leave you with thick wallet. So don’t get left behind and join the happy parents’ wagon while you still can!

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Additional Note:

With very limited stocks available, it’s becoming hard to get a First Years Jet; not to mention, its regular price has also increased. The Jet is really a sweet deal, but lately due to its low supplies, I suggest you to also check out the Summer Infant 3D Lite instead as this will be your best alternative. It’s also featured among the best umbrella strollers of 2015.